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FAQ Updated 7.11.19

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is a FAQ list that has built up since the kickstarter first launched a few months ago. All of these answers are subject to change during the course of development and since this list is rather long I would suggest you use the search function (CTRL-F) on your PC or phone if you are looking for something specific. If you have a question that is not seen here feel free to ask it within this forum or on the discord!


Link to Phlyd's FAQ

Q. When can we play?!
There will be at least 3 Alphas and 3 Betas. The First Alpha is Scheduled for December 2019.

Q. Will the game have factions?
The game will be factionless, Races will decide the differences in players.

Q. What types of storage are in the game?
I. Storage will be Guild and Personal separated.
II. All characters will have access to the same storage.

Q. Will there be in-depth character customization?

Q. Will the game be RNG based or will it be set success rates?
Amount of RNG is TBC.

Q. Will I need to have alt characters/toons to progress in the game?
Alt Characters are not essential to progress.

Q. Is there going to be a character limit?
Yes, it’s currently set to 5.

Q. Will there be events like Halloween and Xmas?
 -There will be a Trade and Mailing system.
- Housing System Likely.

Q. How will gear progression work?
I. Better gear can be gained from mob drops and player crafting.
II. Items dropped with have random stats. There will be way to increase these stats later on.
III. Gear will be Class and Level dependant.

Q. What will be better, dropped gear or crafted gear?
Crafted gear can have similar stats to dungeon/raid drops depending on the materials you use.

Q. Will weapons be class locked?
Yeah they’re going to be class locked.

Q. Are you planning to have Active and Passive effects on armour?
Yes, both.

Q. Will Armour and and weapons have durability?
I. Yes.
II. If the durability hits 0 the item will not be destroyed. You can repair it at a blacksmith.

Q. Will Gear and Items have their own models?

Q. How will cosmetics work? Transmog or wardrobe slots?
I believe we’re going with a wardrobe system.

Q. Will there be a dye System?

Q. What are the Party/Raid sizes.?
Parties will consist of 5 players. Raids will consist of 20 players.

Q. My friend and I want to play 2 different races, can we start together?
Absolutely, different races may have different starting zones but you will have the option to start at a hub together.

Q. Will classes be balanced throughout the game or set on release?

Classes will be constantly balanced throughout the game.

Q. Well there be Gender/Race locked Classes?
There will be no gender locked classes.

Q. What other Classes are in the works?
I.  A Summoner class is planned.
II. Kickstarter vote will be a big part of added races and classes.
(There are currently 7 classes. Knight, Berserker, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Ranger, Rogue, and Guardian)

Q. How many Races will there be on launch?
There will be 3-5 Races on launch.

Q. How does character progression work?
When you create a character you choose a base class. At a certain milestone you will be able to evolve your class. - “An example of this is you can start from Fighter and either progress towards a Swordsman, Berserker, Knight or Lancer.”

Q. Are there plans for a playable monster race?
Not currently.
  User Interface(UI):

Q. Will the UI be customizable through Add-ons?

  Travel and Mounts:
Q. Are boats in the game?

Boats are in the game, some will have cannons. There will be Ocean combat.

Q. Is there going to be a fast travel network?
I. We haven’t decided on fast travel, we’ll have to decide after we know how big the world is going to be.
II. There will be Land and Ocean Mounts to help you get around.

Q. How will Guild buildings work?
Guilds will have a revolutionized Guild land system which allows guilds to purchase land and build their own base which enables special features.

Q. What is the guild maximum size?
Guild size will be around 100-200.
II. Guilds will be person Character, toons will take a space each.

Q. With Guilds have offline raid protection/will there only be Guild raiding at peak times?
Boths guilds DO NOT have to agree.

Q. What happens If the Guild storage is destroyed?
You will have to rebuild the building to use the storage. There will be no loss of stuff.

Q. Do Guilds/Guild members have bonuses?
There will be some guild bonuses but the specifics are TBC.

Q. How long after a Guild declares war can they attack?
There will be some sort of time delay on fighting after declaration.

Q. How does Guild progression work?
Guild member will be able to do tasks around the world to gain the Guild Reputation. Higher Guild levels will increase bonuses and available perks Eg. Land claim.

  Weather and Environment:
Q. Will the environment be fully destructible?

Depends what you mean by destructible. You'll be able to harvest most of the trees and materials you can see but the actual environment won't change.

Q. Will there be a complex weather system?
I. There will be some kind of weather system, but right now we're not sure how complex.
II. Weather will mostly be visual effects, though it may affect the sea for example if it's windy. There could also be things like tornadoes that deal damage if you're near them.

Q. You say the game is open world, Is this compartmented like Gw2?
It’s completely open, you can run from one end to the other without a loading screen.

  Life Skilling:
Q. What life skills are planned? (Phlyd’s Speculation - Seems to be Gathering/Processing)

I. There will be Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Gathering, and Skinning professions.
II. The ability to make Armour & Weapons (Blacksmith(Confirmed), Leather-worker, Clothier?), Food(Chef?), Potions(Alchemist?), and other important items.
III. Trading - You will be able to craft and transport goods between different cities and continents via ground and sea for gold. This will be affected by time of year and desire.
III. 10 Life skills are currently planned.

Q. Is there a limit of how many life skills you can use at a time?
No, there’s no limit at this time.

Q. Will crafting specifically be RNG success based?
I. Quality of ingredients will determine the strength of the items base stats.
II. Yes, your level will have an added effect on the outcome of the item but there will be some amount of chance involved.
(Lvl 50 Ingredients + lvl 56 Skill = Lvl 50-56 item (Phlyd’ Speculation)).

Q. Is there going to be a Central Marketplace or Auction House?
I. Yes, we plan on having an Auction House
II. Players will also be able to open their own shops in certain locations.

Q. Are all the high end resources going to be in the PvP areas forcing people to PvP?
Rarer materials may spawn at a higher abundance in PvP areas to encourage players to enter those more risky areas but they won't be at all unobtainable for those who don't want to enter those areas.

Q. Can I just be a life skiller?
You won’t gain combat exp through life skills, but you could be exclusively a crafter.

  Cash Shop:
Q. Will the Cash shop sell items that would be considered play to win?

I. The Cash shop is completely cosmetic. Sure, you can change your outfit, weapon skin, hair, face, etc. However none of which will give you a combat bonus in game.
II. You cannot sell real world bought items to other player.

Q. Can I buy a better mount at the Cash Shop?
Mounts bought in the cash shop are skin changes not actual mounts.

Q. Is it possible to gain cosmetics without paying real world money?
Yes, you can earn them throughout the game.

Q. Will there be Passive skills, E.g. Mages have a passive elemental buff?
Yes that is something all classes will have.

Q. What cosmetics are available in the cash shop?
Costumes, Mount skins, Pets, Effects and so on.

Q. Will there be limited edition skins for sale in the store?
Q. When I die how do I respawn?
You will respawn at the nearest City.

Q. What kind of combat type can we expect?
We really like the combat in TERA and Black desert, we gained some inspiration for the combat from these. It will be action based, with no hit skills, targeted AoEs and beam skills.

Q. Can I gain Exp in PvP, Arenas?
Yes, If PvE isn’t for you then you can gain Exp in PvP.

Q. Do projectiles have a lifetime?
Yes they will run out and disappear eventually.

Q. Can we swap Gear or Skills during combat?
No, you won’t be able to change Gear, Weapons or Skills during combat.

Q. What combat model are you going with?
We are using the holy trinity, classes will have roles they are better suited to. Tank, DPS and Support.

PvP and PvE gear isn’t separate.
  Combat Skills:
Q. Will you be able to reset your Skills/Talent trees?

You'll be able to reset your skills and talents for a price. (In-Game currency)

Q. How will Abilities/Skills be used?
Skills will be a mix of buttons Eg.1,2,3. and combos of Keys Eg. Q+Shift.

Q. Will there be multiple branches to Skill/Talent Trees?
Skill/Talent trees will have multiple branches.

  PVP specific:
Q. Can I flag on people? (Enable PvP)

I. Flagging Pvp on will be in certain areas.
II. You can request a duel with anyone anywhere.

Q. Will declaring war on another guild be free?
Declaring war will cost resources/money so if you don't do anything that would make someone want to attack you you'll be fine.

Q. Will the arena have a ranking system?
Will be ranked PvP system in the arena.

Q. What modes are there in the arena?
The PvP arena has multiple game modes; 1v1, 2v2, Capture the Flag, and some new game modes exclusive to Oath.
Q. If you are killed during PvP or PvE will you drop your items?
No, you will not. but if you're transporting a trade pack and you get killed that will drop on the floor though.

Q. Can I be attacked anywhere in the world?
I. You can only be attacked in certain areas of the world. UNLESS you have been declared on by another guild, in that case you can be attacked anywhere.
II. There will also be some kind of Bounty/Jail system.
III. Most of the Oceans will be PvP enabled.

  PvE specific:
Q. Will all the dungeons be available on Release?

Dungeons will be released 2-3 Months at a time to keep the content fresh.

Q. Will you receive a drop bonus for completing Raids/Dungeons Solo?
Nope, Same drops as a player would normally get in a group.

Q. Will the Dungeons be instanced or open world?
They will be both. Some open and some instanced.

Q. World Bosses will be Open world, and have a respawn timer?

Out of Game Stuffs:
Q. What is the monetization model?

The game is Free to Play, with a cosmetic cash shop.

  Alphas/Betas + Pledge:
Q. Will there be an NDA in alpha/ Beta

We don’t plan on it but it is a possibility.

Q. What happens if the Kickstarter doesn’t meet its milestone?
I. Then you won’t be charged. We have chosen an all or nothing model.
II. If it does succeed you will be charged on May 2nd.

Q. During the Alpha and Beta do we get guest access based on backer amount?
We may give backers the option to an invite a friend or two depending on the amount of testers we have.

Q. Will there be Beta/Alpha Key giveaways?
That's something we may be doing closer to our first Alpha release.

Q. How long until the Alphas/Betas?
I. Alphas are planned to be this December. (Q4 2019)
II. The servers for Alphas and Betas will stay up until the next stage starts.

Q. When the Backers decide on new classes will this affect the lore of the game?
Adding classes to the game won't break the lore. The lore at this time is very flexible.

Q. The backers get pets as a reward. Will this have a purpose or give them an unfair advantage?
Pets from Kickstarter serve no purpose, they are cosmetic only.

Q. During the Alpha and Beta can do we get guest access based on backer amount?
We may give backers the option to an invite a friend or two depending on the amount of testers we have.

Q. Will I be able to buy the Kickstarter bonuses after it closes?
I. You can buy them for a month from the website after the kickstarter finishes.
II. You can buy 1 / 2 day early access all the way up to launch.

Q. Have you thought about name reservations?
Name reservations, on our website, will be available for backers who have pledged $25 and up. (Character and Guild)

Q. Will backers/Alpha and Beta players keep their progress?
The player progress after Alphas and Betas will be wiped.

Q. How will we vote?
I. Well will host the polls on our discord server.
II. You will receive your number of vote(s) for each poll.

Q. Will we have access to the Character Creator before launch?
We’re planning on exactly that.

  Websites and Social Media:

Oath Official Website --------- https://playoath.com

Oath Official Discord ---------        https://discord.gg/Oath

Oath Official Twitter-----------        https://twitter.com/playoath

Community Run Reddit ------        https://www.reddit.com/r/oathmmo/

Oath Official Kickstarter ------        https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/readyupstudios/oath

Q. When will we have access to Forums?
Forums plan to be up and running by May 2nd. (End of kickstarter)

Q. Why Kickstarter?
Kickstarter allows us to earn the funding we need while engaging with our community - allowing for our supporters to be directly involved in the development.

Q. So I’ve pledged, how do I receive my rewards?
We will probably provide you with a redeemable code for when you create your account on our website.

Q. Can I apply for a job/are you recruiting?
We are planning to recruit more staff after the kickstarter.

Maybe in the future we will get a intro to who staff are but for now its a freaking mystery. All we know right now is…. Stephen is from the UK, the rest of the team are from Chicago.
Darian - The Lore Master. Incharge of writing all the lose and quests in-game.
Stephen: Creative Director/Community Dude!
Ethen: Programmer
Warren: Programmer

*Copied form Discord FAQ:

Q. Are these developers qualified? / Are these hobbyists or professionals?
The main two developers have been working in the gaming industry for several years, it’s currently all of our main focus. “Heyo! Our current game programmers both recently have worked at one of the biggest video game publishing/developing companies in Europe for many years. They are both full time on Oath now. We also have 1 web programmer and 1 sysadmin, those two both are working part time for Oath. All met throughout their careers.” -Ethan
Q. Will Oath be released on other platforms?
PC only for now, it’s what we know. Microsoft, Linux and Mac.

Q. Is there going to be controller support?
Yes. Unreal Engine makes it easy for us to add support for controllers.

Q. Which Regions are you going to launch?
NA, EU and OCE

Q. Do I need separate account to play on NA and EU?
No you can make characters on different servers a regions using the same account.

Q. What are the minimum Specs we need for out PC/Mac?
We don’t have the exact requirements yet but the recommended requirements to run Unreal Engine 4 are:
Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2,5GHz or faster.
NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher.

Q. Will Oath release on Steam?
Steam is something we will be considering closer to the release.

Q. Will Oath be Region Locked?
We aren't planning on it.

Basic Info:
What is Oath?

Oath is a new MMORPG from Ready-Up Studios built with the powerful Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS! It features action-based combat with some advanced Social Systems unique to Oath.

When is Oath going to be released?
Our first Alpha will be released December 2019. The date for the official release of Oath is TBD.

When is the Kickstarter being released?
We're hoping to get it out by April 1st the latest.

What Game Engine are you using?
Unreal Engine 4.

How are you making an MMO with Unreal Engine?
We use a back-end service called SpatialOS which you can read about here: https://improbable.io/games

How long has the game been in development?
The game has gone through many different development stages, but this current iteration has been in development for 8 months.

How big is the development team?
We currently have 5 employees actively working on the game but are looking to quickly expand if/when the kickstarter is successful.

Are you currently hiring?
Currently no, but after the Kickstarter we would like to expand.

Is the game going to be Pay to Win?
Absolutely not. We will only be selling cosmetics in our in-game store.

How will this game be monetized? (B2P, F2P, Subscription)
Currently the game is planned to be Free-to-Play
Class Information:

How many classes are there?
There are currently 7 classes. Knight, Berserker, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Ranger, Rogue, and Guardian. We will be adding a lot more over the course of development.

Are all classes final?

Is this mmo going to have the “Holy Trinity”
“Yes. We currently have Tanks, DPS and Supports.”

Out of the currently posted classes planned, which will be considered support/heals?
”Out of the classes we've added to the game so far the only Support class is Guardian. A few more are planned though.”

Do support classes have a decent amount of damage abilities also?
“Each class will be able to deal damage yes. Some more than others if their class is specifically built for that.”

Are classes planned to have skill trees/talents for player customization?
”Yes we will have some sort of skill/talent tree for each class. We don't want everyone playing the same way. More details about this will be coming later.”

Will there be an option to change classes once we have made our character?
No, you will have to make a new character for each class.

“X” class looks bad in the preview media. What gives?
The game is still in early development. “We'll have new characters, animations and skills so everything will be a lot more fluid when completed.”

Will supports be important for end-game content (raiding or pvp)?
“We want supports to play a big role when it comes to end-game content. There will be some situations where you'll basically require one.”

PvP Information:

What kind of PvP modes will be available?
Currently there is a PvP arena which can be accessed at any time, as well as a guild system that will allow you to attack guild bases, or attack enemy guild players.

What about open world PvP?
We've been thinking about adding some form of open world PVP system but we haven't decided fully on what we're doing with it yet.

What is a guild base?
“ At the moment as a guild leader you're able to purchase a piece of land which allows you to then build your guild base however you want. If you go to war with another guild you'll be given the option to raid their guild base with your guild members and the enemy guild will have the option to defend.
When raiding you will be able to destroy their walls and other specific buildings which they will then need to spend materials repairing / rebuilding.”

When will we be able to test PvP? How important is PvP to this game?
“We started development with PVP in mind from the start. Some PVP modes will be available the very first alpha test to do exactly that. An arena test mode is also a possibly but if we decide to do something like that we’ll announce it at a later date.”

What kind of combat system will Oath use?
The system seems to be combo-focused. Classes will have access to i-frames and blocks, as well as different gearing options to resist and penetrate CC. Combat will be fast-paced and utilize skill-based mobility. We want to avoid RNG and leave pvp down to skill.

What about ranged classes? They always feel like they have an advantage in pvp.
Some classes will be pure melee, others will be pure range, and some will be a hybrid of the two. “We’ll also be trying our best to make sure there’s a good balance between classes in both PVE and PVP”
Will we have a limited skill bar? How many skills can we use?
“We plan on redesigning the whole UI which includes a customizable skill bar so you can have as many slots as you like.”

How long will fights be? How much TTK (Time to kill)
We are hoping for a healthy middleground, not too long, not too short.

Will there be bracketed / level restricted pvp
“Yes that’s also something we have planned.”
PVE/Crafting Information:

Will this game have end-game PVE?
“Absolutely. That's one of the main things we want to focus on. We want the game to be challenging.”

How will gear/drops work?
The exact progression system does not seem to be fleshed out, so far it seems all gear drops with random stats and there will be ways to increase those stats after obtaining the items

What is crafting in Oath? What will I be able to craft?
“Crafting is going to be a big feature in Oath. You'll be able to craft weapons, armor, food, potions and other important items if you have the required materials. We were also planning on some of the materials having random properties which may increase the chance of you getting a specific stat on a piece of crafted gear etc.”

Does crafting give Experience / Can I level through crafting?
“Crafting gives you crafting experience. It does not level up your class level”

How will we gain crafting materials? / Will there be a profession system?
There will be Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Gathering, and Skinning professions to supplement your crafting.
(editor note: it is likely we will get much more information on this after the kick-starter launch)
Other Information:

Will my race / class choice impact my starting location?
“Our lore is currently still being worked on but yes, if it's tied with the lore some races may start in different locations. However, we are going to have an option to start at a single spot for all classes, so if you play with friends and are different classes, you can still start together.””

Will there be a way for us to earn cosmetics in-game, possibly by buying them from other players?
There may be a way to earn cosmetics in-game for free, but we will not allow players to sell cosmetics for in-game currency as that could be an element that leads to giving an advantage to players that spend real money.

Will Oath support Linux?
“Unreal Engine 4 has Linux packaging built in so when we release we will have a Linux build as well.”

Does the team have experience playing Action combat games?
“Everyone working on the game has played a large variety of MMOs, a couple of those with action combat yes.”

Are these developers qualified? / Are these hobbyist or professionals? 
The main two developers have been working in the gaming industry for several years, it’s currently all of our main focus. “Heyo! Our current game programmers both recently have worked at one of the biggest video game publishing/developing companies in Europe for many years. They are both full time on Oath now. We also have 1 web programmer and 1 sysadmin, those two both are working part time for Oath. All met throughout their careers.” -Ethan

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