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At least pretend like you care about the game

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a few months ago the studio has closed it's gates with a statement assuring the game is still in development.

but now it seems like you don't even remember that you had a discord server.

No shady contracts and no unreasonable law suits are holding people back but your silence and lack of transperency resulting in a mass exodus from the game.

it got to a point where this forum became an open market for stolen passports. A forum that supposed to have SOME degree of moderation.

people would respect you more if you will just post a video stating " we failed to create oath due to our inability to manage anything" and not whathever you are doing right now.

So I am reminding you that you were able to raise 116000$ and created a community of 2000 active members in discord . at least try to appear like a team that did such.

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