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Code of Conduct

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Welcome to the official Ready-Up Studios forums! This post provides a list of rules all users have to follow.

Forum Rules:

  1. Post threads in the correct categories. 
  2. Do not reply to a thread if it does not contribute to the topic.
  3. Do not spam. This includes excessive bumping, advertising and caps lock.
  4. Do not post adult (18+), explicit, graphic content including but not limited to images, text, nicknames etc.
  5. No illegal content of any kind.
  6. No unsolicited messages or ads to other members.
  7. Do not advertise other sites or Discord servers without permission.
  8. Do not purposely try to incite drama or fights with other users.
  9. Do not impersonate a member of staff.

If any of the above rules are broken the account holder will be warned and/or banned in severe cases. Do not try and argue with the Moderators decisions, everything is final.

If you see any content that violates any of the above rules, please report it to the Moderation or Ready-Up Studios team. If you have any questions about the above rules, please contact a Moderator.

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