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Crafters and Raiders Balance

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Crafters and Raiders should both be important for progressing the guild, whether it be Raids, Guild Wars and thing like that. I dont think the BiS gear at the time should be dropped from high end raids, i do however think good gear should be dropped aswell as materials. Then to get the BiS gear you would need Crafters, whether it be leatherworking, blacksmithing, or whatever aswell as maybe gemstones (idk if those are a thing in oath) so its a combination of both efforts to get gear. And you can either make it so that its only materials that make the weapon, or that you need the high end gear, aswell as high end materials, and some more lower rarity materials to keep the economy flowing in both upper and lower levels of raiding/dungeons. And you either need the lets say boots + lots of materials to make a new better kind of boots, or that you simply need materials and a crafter to upgrade them, and as to how many times you could upgrade them i dont know. This makes it so crafters have alot more to contribute in high end gear wise, so that only raiding arent the only thing that gives you the BiS gear.

And i also hope they make crafting profession harder to level up so that it doesent feel braindead, maybe they can add crafting gear or stuff like that and give crafting a % to not work, wasting materials and not getting the gear. So crafters can also work to craft for themselves, having gear with on equip effects that give High end Blacksmithing a + % to not fail, or something like that. So both Crafting and Raiding are both more challenging and crafters dont just feel like something they added just to have it there, but make it hard, make it feel like an actual difficult job like raiding does. And most importantly, make crafters an important player in high end PvE and PvP content, so they arent just left behind as a side character or a crafting alt.

I also think everything should be sell and tradable, So that materials the guild dont need anymore, or if its just a solo player, they can trade for materials they need, or sell it for gold. And things crafters make can be sold so that it can be a money making job if you put time and effort into it. And so that the raiders can give the crafter the items they need to craft the new weapon and then the crafter can trade it back.


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