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Affinity for Archery...

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Out of sheer curiosity, what draws you to the idea of playing a Ranger?


Was it a positive past experience in another MMO that did ranged physical DPS well?

Do you simply think bows and arrows are cool?

Do you have any established expectations that the Ranger should have in their kit that draws you to their play style? 




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The MMO that i find that understood rangers for me was Aion (uber pay to win) but in that game u felt powerful, u could be the stealthy quick with bow no animation person, but as well u could be more like mage  with huge bursts with your bow, i have been looking for MMO that has good rangers and that is fun to play, also i think that Tera did a quite a good job with Ranger, the abilities that do more dmg if u hit them from behind or on the ground, that makes you think how you chain you abilities, and when u learn it you just feel aweosome. I dont know what direction will you take for Ranger but pls dont make it only with pet and stealty  jumpy give us choice form couple of builds, Burst, kite, pet,... 

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