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Do you have any particular day for Turkey ?

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Hi I live in Turkey.I started looking for MMORPG's and then my road cross with you guys.I wish i could support this but im just a regular college student.Here is my question when can i start playing this game in turkey like end of 2019 maybe ? or is there any date can you give me ?

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10 hours ago, TITAN said:

Well alpha 1 is in December, but to play you need to pledge at least 500 USD

We should probably specify to play Alpha 1 a pledge of $500 is required though Beta 3 which is the latest and last early access moment is available for $25. If you can't pay anything do not worry you only need patience for the game to come out as it is planned for free to play (Side note anything other than Alpha 1 does not have an official release date though we could estimate each stage might take 2 to 3 months each)


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