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shadow master/mage

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Type: middle range/melee dps

Gear: cloth/leather

Weapon: clawed glove

Description: the shadow mage is a close range dps that uses deception and ambush moving in the shadows to stalk and chase enemies to their death, attacking not only the body but the soul. Move faster and be more elusive inside the shadows to hunt and haunt your prey taking advantage against him and defeat him before he notices you.


- Shadow walk: (passive skill) while inside your shadow clod you gain movement speed, evasion and, in case of PvE, attack power.

- Shadow cloud: dark cloud that you create with certain attacks, it lasts X seconds and can be removed by some healing skills like purifying garden and cleansing current.

- Shadow bomb: you punch the floor creating a shadow cloud.

- Shadow step: you Dodge the next 3 attacks you receive within X second, if you do, for each attack you teleport 1 meter on the direction you’re walking in that moment (regarding the movement keys your pressing) leaving a shadow cloud behind, if you’re standing still, you teleport forward.

- Shadow dash: you transform in a shadow/smoke dashing forward, you are immune while in shadow form. When inside a shadow cloud you can use it twice.

- Shadows spreading: for X seconds, each hit you deal creates shadow cloud.

- Rampage: while in a shadow cloud, you absorb your surround cloud and for X seconds each time you hit the same target, your attack speed increases. If you hit a different target the attack speed goes back to normal.

- Invisibility: while you are inside a shadow cloud you can turn invisible permanently provided that you stay inside the cloud or until you attack, but if you get out of the cloud it will last X seconds. The CD countdown will start once you’re visible again.

- Darkness curse: you cast a seal under your enemy that immobilize for a second and a darkness stream shoots upwards reducing his defence and increasing the chances of missing attacks for X seconds.

- Hallucinating curse: while you and your target are inside a shadow cloud, you infuse your enemy’s surrounding cloud into him, making him attack (just basic attacks) the nearest target, whether it’s npc or a character.

- Alternative reality: you create a clone of yourself that merges from you running towards a target and attacks him with basic attacks and exploding if attacked, leaving a shadow cloud, and you become invisible for X seconds.

- Doppelganger: you push yourself away making you invisible while leaving a copy of you where you were and exploding if attacked, leaving a shadow cloud, you have 2 charges with separated CD.

- Detonate: you make your clones explode.

- Soul wound: you throw a shadow projection of yourself to your enemy, it reduces it’s mana overtime.

- Soul leech: you stab your enemy’s heart with your hand, absorbing his MP and immobilising him while the attack lasts.

- Soul trace: you quickly teleport to you enemy’s back, touch his/her back and return to your previous position, leaving a mark on your enemy that lets you see him through obstacles and increasing your attack power against him. You can be CC’ed when you teleport to your enemy, canceling the attack. CD resets upon kill.

- Darkness mine: you set a trap that triggers when your enemy walks by, it explodes doing damage overtime, slowing your enemy’s attack speed and releasing a shadow cloud.

- Shadow burst: (quick cast) you condenses the shadow in a certain area into a sphere and you make it explode damaging all surrounding enemies.

- Thousand cuts: you create 6 shadow clones around your enemy that rush to him/her several times each in a quick succession for 2 seconds, dealing damage and mini stuns for every strike.

- Soul bind: you create a seal under your enemy and shadow hands appear, grabbing him, preventing movement.

- Soul grip: you create a giant shadow hand that grabs your enemy and disappears, preventing him/her from attacking for X seconds.

- Blinding strike: you reach for your enemy, throwing a shadow hand projection to her/his face, blinding the target. Enemy attacks won’t hit any target.

- Shadow path: while inside a shadow cloud, you throw shadow projection of yourself leaving a shadow trail and damaging enemies on hit, you can use it 3 times consecutively before it goes on CD.

- Dark darts: while inside a shadow cloud you throw a barrage of darts to a designated area in a parabolic trajectory.

- Mimic: you copy the lask skill your target used.

- The deceiver: you can copy the appearance of a target, even the nickname, (enemy or rally) for X seconds or until you use a skill.

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