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It's just been so long since the new Zelda already that I am already itching

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I personally think Animal Crossing Bells was a lousy idea for Nintendo to create another splatoon match for the switch because they had splatoon 2 and that game had a pretty major community and participant base and I also was a bit disappointed that we did not get anything ably BOTW two but we got a Zelda game for this season

Does anyone else feel like. . .they sort of want a brand new Zelda that is not a sequel to BOTW? Like when it was 2 years after BOTW it felt new and fresh. I was excited to explore this universe longer.

But now I just kind of feel like that I want an entirely new Zelda story and to explore another part of the timeline. If they're taking the identical quantity of time to make this game than they do to make a brand-new installment...I sort of would preferably have a brand-new setup?

Idk I am not trying to be negative. I only feel like after being with that game for 4 decades now, I am kind prepared for an amazing new Hyrule experience and a fresh Link!

Unless this is the start of a new Zelda era and all Zelda games for the near future will be sequels into BOTW.

Edit: why the downvotes, I am not trying to be negative. I am still stoked. It's just been so long since the new Zelda already that I am already itching for something entirely new. I'd like to find that too. I am not gonna lie I'd be happy  antique furniture animal crossing new horizons with an entirely linear Zelda since I love linear games but I know a lot of people love the open world aspect, therefore there needs to be a smart way to merge both. I like your suggestions.


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