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Crown - New EU PVE/PVP Guild

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Crown is a new EU, PVE/PVP focused guild formed by experienced MMO players of 15+ years. We are looking for dedicated but fun players to join our roster, and grow with us. We play various games, from WoW, to FFXIV, Ragnarok, ESO, FFXI, GW2, etc. If you are interested in joining, please comment below.



We do not expect *Hardcore* players, only friendly and MMO - Experienced players. You must also be active, not only in the game, but in our discord also. Don't be afraid to join in and voice your own opinion to shape the guild!
- Have Discord

- Be Friendly

- Be able to take SOME banter

- Speak English

- Be active!



As I said before, you can comment below if you have interest, alternately you can join our discord using the link below.

-Searching for members

- Searching for Officers, if you are interested in this role, please join the discord and check the Officer Application channel




👑Thanks and see you all soon in the game!👑



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We are looking for active, fun members! We are still looking for officers as well 😄

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You wrote PVP/PVP in the title.. I just mention it, in case tht wasnt a trap for pvp only people 😜

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