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Content&Reward Cycle Suggestion

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Hey everyone, please feel free to toss your thoughts and comments below. Topics include PVP/PVE seasons and Rewards.


TLDR: PVP and PVE competitive seasons with exclusive rewards for top players. Combine new themed Dungeons/raids with new PVP seasons.


I will start off by setting up the scenario, and then explaining a method for how rewards are calculated, and to what degree of exclusivity these rewards should be expected to have.


I believe that content should be introduced regularly to keep a game's community active and involved. While it's not reasonable to expect a super immersive new dungeon every month (or even every few months), I think there should be something every few months to keep it fresh. My plan to accomplish this is a season based content roll out. Every year(or span of time required to put out new content; dungeons/raids/gear/cosmetics) there will be a large themed season.

For simplicity (and sake of example) I will name our first season Fire&Ice, it will have two sections of 6 month time, part 1 - Fire, and part 2 - Ice. Players will compete in various game features (Dungeons, Arenas, BattleGrounds, World&Guild PVP) for a spot on the seasonal Leaderboard. These leaderboards should be visible in game (no UI required)located in major cities, as this will be a large part of the competition and prestige. Each part of a season will have its own rewards, and at the end of the last part(in our example part 2 -Ice) there will be bonus rewards given to any players that managed to secure top spots over the entire season. I will talk about what rewards exactly later on, for now let's check out how to earn points and what do I mean by "top spots."

Ways to get points so you can be in the top X for rewards for season Fire&Ice parts 1&2.

  1. I'm also holding this bracket open for the top guild, whoever wins the most guild wars or has most guild pvp points at the end of the season. Everyone in the guild at that time would be rewarded with guild related stuff. Guild building rewards or special banners or clothes. 

  2. 10 players will be given season Y rewards for being top of the 2v2 PVP team bracket. (this is a strict ladder based PVP system, you win and get points and move up, lose and lose points and move down, top 5 teams are rewarded)

  3. 3 players will be given season Y rewards for being top 3 of the 1v1 PVP bracket. (1v1's require lots of skill and thus individuals who are top of this bracket should also be rewarded.)

  4. Season rewards will also be given out to the players that hold the fastest dungeon clear time (hardest setting possible, max level dungeons only). Depending on how many endgame dungeons are in the game will determine how many people will get reward. It goes to the party with the fastest score (every person who was in the party for it's full completion). The time it takes to "complete" the dungeon will be contingent on two factors, 1) obviously being time, and 2)the percentage of mobs/bosses killed. This one is up to the game devs how much of the dungeon they want completed before they feel safe saying it was cleared (side note: I personally do not recommend 100% completion, but at least all bosses).


So now that we know who and how to get in what I define as "top spots," lets talk about what rewards to expect.

By design these spots are reserved for an elite group of players. It should not be easy to claim and hold a top position, and justly you should be accomplished for managing to secure one. In a season, there will be a predetermined set of parts, for Fire&Ice, it's 2. So for the first half of the season (part 1- Fire), the collection of points and the rankings will lock at the 6 month mark. The top rankers will then get what I want to call Tier 3 season rewards, and Tier 2 rewards (did you think it'd get right to it, NO! more groundwork first!) Tier 3 season rewards will be given to all 16*kinda players for both part 1 and part 2 of the season. Now part 2 of the season is where the spicy stuff comes into play. This is the end of the full season, and where the Tier 1&2 rewards will be given out. These are the metaphorical carrots on the stick friends.

The Good stuff:

Tier 3 - Securing a "top spot" will get you an exclusive cosmetic item, title and possibly more (dev's call here) specific to the "part" of the season you got that spot. In my example if you placed in a top spot for part 1 - fire, you may receive a flaming cloak cosmetic, the title: Gladiator or Fire, and as I said, other stuff. Copy pasta these rewards for the second part of the season, part 2-Ice.


Tier 2 - Sure, anyone can get in a single top spot, but can they do it for each part of the season? This reward includes not only all the stuff in Tier 3, but if you managed to get top spots in each part, you should be able to show it off yeah? Cool combination gear, or flashier more detailed cosmetic gear for this part, and more of it. Maybe weapon or armor effects, and since it's an example, how about Fire and Ice swirling around you. You could be the Todoroki of Oath. The title: Champion of Fire and Ice, and other cool stuff....but what about Tier 1?


Tier 1 - This one is the pipe dream friends. If you see someone with these rewards, get on your knees and praise the sun. You managed to get a top spot in your free time, easy yea? Okok, and you can do it for both parts of a season? Child's play... Well fine then, in order to get the best of the best, to show off your real skill, you unlock Tier 1 rewards for being top ranked in every category for each part of the season. You have the most pvp points, top ranked in 2v2's and 1v1s, and you have the record time in a dungeon, and you did it back to back in a single season.... you are certified BAMF. This is unrealistic, but possible. And I know someone out there will aim for it (and get it). Now here is the big twist, what do you give someone who literally is the best? Here is my idea: first the title: Hero of Fire and Ice. There should not be many people who adorn the title of Hero, and I think you'd have well earned it with this feat. You'd also get all those other rewards and now the big one; a custom cosmetic skill effect, with a twist. Seeing as you are the best of the best, and very few people will manage to claim this title, I would love to see season inspired custom skill cosmetics made for the hero's of each season. The hero will be able to select a skill, and then the team will make a custom effect for that skill inspired by the season. Personally I can't think of a more fun way to get players and developers/CM's directly connected.

(I was thinking about the possibility of having a set of cosmetic skill effects each season for sale as micro-transactions, and letting the Hero of a league pick the fate of a skill, either unlock it for people to buy, or forever seal it away and only them be able to use it. Not sure what kind of interaction this would cause, but I would like to see to a healthy degree micro-transactions that affect skills like in Path of Exile)


Off, thanks for reading, updates and edits...many I'm sure are to come. Cheers Friends!

I started this thread on reddit as well under my other name Akeena

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