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Found 7 results

  1. -Farming inside and outside of player owned lands: Now that we have reached the Global Farming stretch goal, I'd REALLY like a system that allows us to both farm within protected limits (i.e., moderately taxed player owned plots), but also outside of those types of confines, that would allow for people to possibly plant more at once, with the risk of other's being able to harvest them if you are late or get ganked. -Allowing other's to farm space on our plots, and set tax rates on harvests: I also think it would be neat if we could allow other people to use our farm plots for their own farming/harvesting, but levy an adjustable tax to give the owner a percentage of the crops. This would incentivize players to pick and choose who they would like to work with when needing to farm, if they don't want to hassle with the costs of upkeep on owning their own land. Let's say that Bob wants to farm on someone else's land. Maybe he doesn't want to deal with planting/harvesting across multiple plots (which may only charge 10% tax), so he decides to farm with Steve, who charges 20%, but also has a much larger plot, so that Bob can plant/harvest more in one location. Both of these systems combined, would allow the more adventurous folks who don't want to pay for upkeep on their own farming lands, to try and find secluded areas of the world to public farm, risking the chance that someone finds their crops, and waits to gank them when the harvest timers are up. Or for those who don't want to pay for upkeep, but are risk averse, to instead farm other peoples protected plots, at the cost of an owner adjustable tax rate on the product harvested. It would give those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to potentially run their own business on land that they might be able to afford to share. Link to my other suggestion thread:
  2. Originally got this idea from an anime but also a very popular implication in many MMORPGs So, Raids what are they and what do you gain Raids are a more difficult way of farming or gaining loot in the game. They will consist of many mobs from the outside from zones as well as new mobs you will only see in that particular dungeon. There could be different dungeons varying in different levels or party sizes. Levels of the dungeons could include Level 10, 20, 30 and so on. Expanding on point different party size dungeons could include a party of 3, 6, 9, 12, 24. obviously the higher the difficulty and size the harder the dungeon. All depends on what you want to go for and the friends or guild members you have. It also depends on how you want to play. Going forward the loot from dungeons could very well be rare and/or a large sum of gold. The higher the dungeon the better the loot. Loot will be split among the participants depending on the work or effort they put in. Also, take into account your class. For example, If you're a warrior the effort might be towards damage. Which as if you're a healer the effort base will take into account your HP healed. Tank, the amount of damage taken. This is my idea for the game let me know what you guys think.
  3. I'm personally a huge fan of becoming overwhelmed by sliders and full RGB color options (for certain aspects) when I'm creating my character. I love being able to fine tune how my character appears so that He/She really feels unique when I first load in. What are some things you guys would like to see in character creation? My list (beyond what I would assume to be obvious): I would like to see a series of beards from Stubble to "Wizard Beard" to choose from. I feel like this gets neglected often in MMORPG's, and I want to make my character look MANLY! I like the ability to adjust Scarring, Aging, and the like with at least a couple options for each. Even if it doesn't affect gameplay, I feel like it'd be fun to be able to select your hometown and perhaps flesh out a real bio if one would like to. at least a variety of fixed body types to choose from coupled with advanced facial customization. Simple animations/poses (facial expressions, combat stances, etc.) would be a nice inclusion if the character's face changes at all during conversation or combat Voice pitch (within reason), if called for, is always a nice addition to helping make your character feel unique. Multi-colored hair (highlights, ombre, etc.) can be fun. Various lighting scenes to view your character in prior to completing creation. I can't tell you how many games I've had to recreate a character in because the lighting in creation looked fine but the world I spawned into made my character look horrible! [After you've created your character, but relevant] Similar to WoW's Barbershop, I think it'd be nice to be able to change your hairstyle/color for an in-game fee. If I think of more, I'll edit them in or post a reply to this thread. I'd love to hear what you think would be nice to have in character creation. Let's spark some interesting discussion!
  4. Combat/skill suggestions: 1- Skills learned by ingame achievements, quests or special objects/teaching scrolls dropped by certain mobs. 2- Good voice acted combat, like saying spells out loud, shouting when using a powerful attack, or those kind of sound you make when you’re making a physical effort. Not all games have this, and i think that’s a point in their favor (for those that have it) that makes you get more involved in the battle.
  5. I've always been a fan of being able to dye my gear to either match initially mismatching gear pieces or to create a sweet color scheme to wear regardless of my armor. I think that as for MMORPG's, Wildstar had a great system for this. You obtained the dye (some colors/shades were rarer than others), and you could use that color pigment any number of times and each piece had a handful of parts for you to dye (e.g. breastplate would allow you to dye the trim one color, the main portion a second color, and any detailing a third color). I think that they could make great high end crafting items or even cheap in-game cash shop items (maybe for cash shop they sell cheap 1-time use and a more expensive "bottomless" bottle of dye?). I've got their video on customization systems in the (now dead, unfortunately) game below.
  6. Guilds in this game are going to be seemingly large with things like guild halls and guild wars. Some things I'd like to see implemented just for quality of life for guilds are Applications; which include a "link" to their character and their message, additionally it would be nice to be able to add a fee and requirements to even apply Modifiable roles; I think these should be able to be created by the guild leader and choose the names and permissions of each guild role Guild vault; a shareable bank by your guild that you can deposit/withdraw into/from depending on your permissions Location tracker; either on the minimap or just near their name in the list of guild members their general location Guild chat Cosmetic that represents your guild just from looking at your character; banner, cape, maybe just title Editable guild logo (not uploadable, but a logo creator in game)
  7. mekkew


    Here are my hopes for aalchemy. I don't want it to be a class but a crafting proffession. It should have a variety of things to craft like buffing potions poisons and throwable grenades. It might also be used to imbue properties onto certain items. Also it would be fun if you could transmute insanely expensive materials into gold at a very unprofitable ratio just for fun. What are your hopes for alchemy?
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