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  1. Hello! Thank you for visiting the thread. Allow me to make a small introduction of myself before you proceed. You can call me Hestia. I'm an experienced gamer and I have played MMORPGs since the age of 10. My first being Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds (2D). I'm an experienced game/app tester and leader (virtually & in real life). I will go in depth when it comes to bug reporting, suggestions and the like. Now that's out of the way, let us get to some game suggestions for Oath. 🙌 ------------------------------------------------- Early Development - Core Features If needed, I will break down each section below in another post. 1 ) Fluid Action Combat 2 ) Classes 3 ) Races 4 ) Lore 5 ) PVE Content - Dungeons & Raids 7 ) Crafting 8 )Trading 9 ) Resource Farming 10 ) Guild System 11 ) PVP Content - Instanced & Open World All these key points allow the game to have a variety of player types. This also helps with the player economy. —— Second Phase 1 ) Housing (Guild & Player). 2 ) Enhancement System 3 ) Cosmetics 4 ) Player Finder 5 ) Monetization Third Phase: = Under Construction = Fourth Phase: = Under Construction = ------------------------------------------------- These are of course opinions from a single individual. Feel free to leave a comment if there's anything else you'd like to add.
  2. i wanna hear everyone's point of view here on this topic.... How should players be penalized for losing against other players in PvP ?
  3. i think the pvp enabled areas should have a reason inside the lore to be so, like in AOIN for example, it was the other way arround, there was areas protected by a neutral faction (all npc) and had the Carun law that prevented you from attacking the enemy faction
  4. I'm personally a huge fan of becoming overwhelmed by sliders and full RGB color options (for certain aspects) when I'm creating my character. I love being able to fine tune how my character appears so that He/She really feels unique when I first load in. What are some things you guys would like to see in character creation? My list (beyond what I would assume to be obvious): I would like to see a series of beards from Stubble to "Wizard Beard" to choose from. I feel like this gets neglected often in MMORPG's, and I want to make my character look MANLY! I like the ability to adjust Scarring, Aging, and the like with at least a couple options for each. Even if it doesn't affect gameplay, I feel like it'd be fun to be able to select your hometown and perhaps flesh out a real bio if one would like to. at least a variety of fixed body types to choose from coupled with advanced facial customization. Simple animations/poses (facial expressions, combat stances, etc.) would be a nice inclusion if the character's face changes at all during conversation or combat Voice pitch (within reason), if called for, is always a nice addition to helping make your character feel unique. Multi-colored hair (highlights, ombre, etc.) can be fun. Various lighting scenes to view your character in prior to completing creation. I can't tell you how many games I've had to recreate a character in because the lighting in creation looked fine but the world I spawned into made my character look horrible! [After you've created your character, but relevant] Similar to WoW's Barbershop, I think it'd be nice to be able to change your hairstyle/color for an in-game fee. If I think of more, I'll edit them in or post a reply to this thread. I'd love to hear what you think would be nice to have in character creation. Let's spark some interesting discussion!
  5. Sylph: Similar to elves, but with "nature features" like wooden horns and greenish skin. Examples: https://www.google.com/search?q=sylph&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjhgbrj5P3iAhXv1uAKHXLUApMQ_AUIECgB&biw=1675&bih=888#imgrc=OGSmeHImk79-hM: https://www.google.com/search?biw=1675&bih=888&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=l3wOXfCQDsKAjLsPofKs2Ak&q=silfide&oq=silfide&gs_l=img.3..0l10.174524.175730..175851...0.0..0.80.497.7......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i67j0i10.dkQx6unSlFw#imgrc=-tLNgCUcl8qEhM: https://www.google.com/search?biw=1675&bih=888&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=l3wOXfCQDsKAjLsPofKs2Ak&q=silfide&oq=silfide&gs_l=img.3..0l10.174524.175730..175851...0.0..0.80.497.7......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i67j0i10.dkQx6unSlFw#imgrc=EGXIQiKsF_HseM: Demigods: Human like beings with "divine" features such as glowing eyes/tattoes or hair made out of energy Examples: https://www.google.com/search?biw=1675&bih=888&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=6H0OXeLJEKSOlwTYhLzoDw&q=energy+hair+character&oq=energy+hair+character&gs_l=img.3...6736.7191..7839...0.0.. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1675&bih=888&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=N34OXau9LofylwTz-p3wBQ&q=glow+hair+character&oq=glow+hair+character&gs_l=img.3...13980.15424..15536...0.0..0.79.678.10......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i19j0i30i19j0i5i30i19j0i8i30i19.FOm90I36of4#imgrc=ypmIAUff8Hj0PM: https://www.google.com/search?q=rick+and+morty+supernova&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwju59b-5v3iAhU3TBUIHeITBmEQ_AUIECgB&biw=1675&bih=888#imgrc=1CNQbVtn1HIKWM: P.S.: 1 or 2 races could be subject to microtransactions via raace tickes (kind of like a DLC) or by having "oath premium"
  6. How about a feature where you can ask someone out or to marry you in-game and you gain 20% or whatever it is benefits (exp etc) while you play together. I loved this concept on Elder scrolls and FF14. You are playing in a dungeon or raid or whatever, you see a person, you hit it off with them and play a lot together and become good friends, and with that you can commit to marriage and play together to gain those benefits. There should be also a penalty for divorce. for example if you divorce you cannot marry for the next 6 months, or you lose x amount of gold (both of you), etc. This will make it so that people don't just go around marrying for benefits but actually think about it and do it the legit way. I can't remember how Elder scrolls did it, but i believe with FF14 you had to pay 5 or 10 bucks or whatever, and you got the ring. and with that ring you could ask anybody, then you could send out invitation, and this whole marriage ceremony starts.
  7. I've always been a fan of being able to dye my gear to either match initially mismatching gear pieces or to create a sweet color scheme to wear regardless of my armor. I think that as for MMORPG's, Wildstar had a great system for this. You obtained the dye (some colors/shades were rarer than others), and you could use that color pigment any number of times and each piece had a handful of parts for you to dye (e.g. breastplate would allow you to dye the trim one color, the main portion a second color, and any detailing a third color). I think that they could make great high end crafting items or even cheap in-game cash shop items (maybe for cash shop they sell cheap 1-time use and a more expensive "bottomless" bottle of dye?). I've got their video on customization systems in the (now dead, unfortunately) game below.
  8. While i was reading more about the game i found out that there is a trading system which allows players to do trades between cities. The first MMORPG i played in my life was Silkroad, if anyone remembers and i really liked their idea of trading while challenging it through factions. The mechanism worked as the following : there were 3 fractions (each fraction has its own uniform) : trader : which buys goods for a certain amount of gold(in-game currency) and delivers it to another city to gain more gold for selling it, and the more the player spends money on goods the more gold or profit he gains from completing the trade and selling the goods. Ofcourse, the more money the trader puts in the goods the more dangerous completing the trade becomes; aka high risk, high reward. thief : the thief is able to assault the trader and steal his goods through pvp by killing the trader and through killing the mount carrying the goods. After killing the mount the goods are thrown on the ground so the thief can get a mount and pick up the goods and then deliver it to the city so he can sell it to gain gold with some profit hunter : their role is just to protect the traders from thieves, usually they get payed by the trader as they both agreed on a contract with the reward of gold for the protection (in my opinion the hunters is kinda useless because a trader himself can kill thieves and the hunters don't get much gold since its all depending on how much the trader will give you, so as a group traders can do the same job like a group of hunters killing thieves and protecting the trade) *comment about the hunter : i just wrote it so the devs can get better ideas if what they can do (even though my personal opinion that they are useless), maybe they tweaks it and eliminate that contacting thing and put some fixed gold (rewards) or gaining something when killing thieves or they can just add traders and thieves only without hunters i know that sometimes it's not good for copying from other games but the devs can tweak the mechanism to match the game. It was a fun mechanism and i always hoped that a new MMORPGs could adapt that mechanism, and on top of that a lot of new mmorpgs don't even have a trading system so i thought it was a good chance to suggest it here as they are working already on a trading system
  9. I would love to see a Witch Doctor class. A class that would spread disease and/ or plagues. Main focus is DOT (damage over time), or HOT (healing over time). Light Armor Class Weapons would be Staff, one handed weapon such as a dagger, or Scepter which would be usable with a side item such as a shrunken head or book. Tell me what you think.
  10. 1- let players sell cash shop items inside the game, but set a limit so people don’t abuse, or at least that the only thing trabeable is the premium membership so everyone can access to the “advantages” it offers. 2- Make a wheel of fortune in which you can win things from the cash shop, oath tokens. wheel tokens gold, special event stuff, basic potions, basic pet food, teleportation gems and other items that are purchasable in any NPC ingame, also some boost scrolls for gathering or xp and increase character slots by 1. To use this wheel you’d need a special token, you get X tokens daily, you can make weekly/daily quests to get more or you can buy them in the cash shop.(or not, to avoid "gambling" issues, just obtainable throught premium and quests) 3- Premium membership that gives you X wheel tokens, X oath tokens, some basic potions and items easily purchasable to any NPC and access to special discounts in the cash shop that change every week or 2 weeks and even improve your limit of items you can buy in the cash shop that i mentioned before. Also, like in BDO, access to unlimited plastic surgery and to special hairstyles, pupils, tattoos, etc that rotate or get updated, which are also available using an appearance change ticket . 4- Items like “name/gender/looks/race change coupon” 5- Noninvasive legit banners/adds in the launcher/sponsorships. Since the item you get that would affect you gameplay are very basic and anyone could buy it from an NPC and also would only be useful for low levels or fooling around or wouldn’t impact gameplay that much because there would be more useful food and potions that would be actually used in dungeons, raids and serious PVP i don’t think is p2w.
  11. Kiwii

    Grind for gear

    I am not sure whether this already has been discussed, but I would like to talk about the topic anyways.. I am suggesting that oath doesnt make you grind for gear and stats; only for cosmetics! The combat looks like great fun. I hope that being good at the game means skill with your class, rather than hours of grind you put into farming stats.. What do you guys think?
  12. what if there was like a limmited offer every time they release a class of a pack that gives you a character slot and a special limmeted edition skin for that class?
  13. Hydrokinetic / Tides master:(cryomancer potential subcalss) Type: middle range/melee dps-support Armor: leather / cloth Weapon: bracelets Description: the hydrokinetic is a fast paced magic class with a high agility that uses powerful water attacks. With a high survival rate, the hydrokinetic is the perfect class to get into the battle to help your allies attacking enemies and healing his teammates with different kinds of buffs and AOE healing. With a mechanic of water puddles that you have to take in count to compliment your gameplay. Skills: - Puddles(passive skills): your skills have the chance to leave water puddles where they hit/affect area that last X seconds or until they’re used for a skill. - Water blessing: while on a puddle your attack and attack speed increases. - Mana flow: it releases an aura that regens all nearby allies’ mana including yours. - Cleansing current; (cast ability) yo surround yourself in a water ring and then expand it, removing all negative states from you and your allies and healing regarding character's current health, the less HP you have the more it heals. - Healing fog: you create a fog from your surrounding puddles that heals all party members and increases evasion. - Mana source: regenerates your mana overtime. - Mana oasis: you create a circle of water, all allies inside including you consume X% MP less when using skills. - Water shield: you create a water dome that blocks all range attacks coming from outside and reduces damage taken from attacks from inside. - Mighty storm: you throw a water column into the air and starts raining, all teammates in range gain attack and defense, while the enemies loose them. - Geiser: creates a geiser on a designated area with a puddle knocking your enemies in the air. - Bubble burst: you cover yourself in a bubble which explodes knocking back your enemies. - Drown: you encase an enemy inside a water bubble that eliminates all buffs and slows down X% for 2 seconds, then it explodes dealing damage to him and all surrounding enemies. - Rapids: water starts splashing around you stunning and slightly damaging enemies in range and reducing damage taken from range attacks; you can maintain this skill provided that you have MP left, the stun effect will remain for 1 second after ceasing the attack. - Fluid: you dodge the next 3 melee attack within X seconds. - Turning tides: within X second you redirect incoming range attacks against your enemies with a water current that shifts it’s direction. - Thrust: you use water to propel yourself in the direction you are walking (regarding the movement keys your pressing) and increasing your movement speed for X seconds. - Water cannon: yo create a water ball in front of you, the more you hold the attack the bigger, stronger and slower it gets, and you shoot it to an enemy, if you don’t charge it, you can use it up to 3 consecutive times before it goes on CD,at full charge you can make the sphere explode before it hits target dealing AOE damage. (homing type projectile) - Water dance: you shape water into blades and make them circle around you and finally shoot them all around. - Boomerang: you throw a quick water sphere with a stele that describes an ellipse going forth and back to you. - Needle shots: you shoot bursts of water needles in a rectangular frontal área damaging your enemies, you can use this skill 3 consecutive times before it goes on CD. - Whip storm: you form water into whips that hit targets in front of you. - Rising spears: you create ascendant water spears from your surrounding puddles damaging enemies within. - Restrain: all enemies on a puddle get tied by water chains preventing them from moving or attacking for X seconds or until attacked. - Water slash: you wave your hands drawing 2 c-shaped water blades and throwing them one after the other in an x form. - Whirlpool: you rotate moving to the side, waving water blades, damaging all surrounding enemies. - Changing tides: you create a current that flows towards you in a cone-shaped area pulling enemies and then explodes throwing them back. - Rising tides: you make a big jump forward while waving your hands from your back to the front, creating 2 streams of water that you throw and hit the ground in front of you as you fall, damaging inrange enemies. - Spiral blades: you slide a couple of meter forward and then spin, creating a spiral of water blades around you that deal damage to all surrounding enemies. (you can steer with your cursor while sliding) Some other attacks would include using water as whips, blades, bullets, waves among others, inspired in Nickelodeon’s Avatar the legend of Aang/Korra and their waterbending. If you haven’t seen the TV show, please watch the videos bellow, it’d help a lot to picture the animation. You may also be able to personalize your skills to be more range, melee dps or healer or changing you weapon to have more range caster type skills. References: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCzyt-55PiQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suwztI2B3Wk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBSx_MbKJew&t=39s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEn7sT4Wb1w
  14. what if you had some stats like agility, strength etc, which you should meet to unlock a skill? using a little bit of logic. for example, a skill that makes you roll or jump high in the air would require more agility, using an OP hammer attack, more strength. this stats would be affected by your gear too, for example: cloth and leather would give you more agility and so on so forth. some stats could be oposits, so if you increase one, the other is decreased, also meaning any class could wear any kind of gear, but a certain type would be better/recommended
  15. -Make some crafteable and tradeable item like turrets or shields, that can be set in your guild base to deffend it from enemy attacks - Hiring NPC guards to patroll your base, there'd be different types (range, malee, magic range, and different tiers) and you'd have to 'pay them sallaries' - Capturing a mob like an elite monter or a world boss to deffend your base (just 1 per base) and they're also tradeable. to capture them you'd have to lower their health and use a special item to tame/capture
  16. Ballard


    Technopath: Type: middle range dps-support Armor: chain Weapon: 6 levitating blades or chakhrams (when sheathed, they overlap looking as if you only had 1 in your back). Description: Technopath is a high skill class that has the ability to control a powerful ancient weapon that uses a lost technology which you control with your mind. This class would have a mechanic that takes in count how many blades you have available, this means that some skilla will use X number of blades, so if you want to use a skill that needs more than 6-X blades, you’ll have to wait for the first attack to finish, meaning that some attacks are automatic, allowing you to use other skills while the first is still on. The less blades you have available, the less damage you deal with regular attacks. Skills: - Drones: you have 3 drones, with separate CDs, that you can deploy 1 per ally to regenerate her/his MP or HP overtime. - Aid bot: you deploy a robot that follows an ally that, when his HP reaches a mínimum, heals X% to that target. - Upgrade: enhances an ally’s attack and defense. - Overclock: your weapon gets larger and starts to shine enhancing your attack. - Digital shield: (lock-on target) including yourself, you select any number of teammates and grants them a shield that will defend them 100% from the next attack they receive within X seconds. - Virtual armor: all nearby party members receive a buff that reduces X% of damage taken for X second. - Energy shield: (you need the 6 blades) you engage your weapon in a hexagon formation and Project a shield that blocks all frontal attacks, you can turn it around 180º(maybe 360º), you can hold it for as long you have mana. - Energy beam: (you need the 6 blades) you levitate and engage your weapon in a hexagon formation and shoot a huge beam that deals damage, you can slowly move while casting it, you can hold it as long as you have MP remaining, the damage it deals is indirectly proportional to your MP(the less MP you have the more damage you deal). - Controlled explosion: you throw a bomb to an enemy (homing projectile) that will explode after X second dealing instant damage to all nearby enemies and extra overtime damage to the target (can be removed by healers before it explodes). - Beam strikes: (lock on ability) your weapons aim to the sky, you select enemies up to the number of blades you have available and your weapons shoot into the sky, beams fall onto your enemies from above, dealing damage and slowing X seconds for each hit they take. - Gravity core: you shoot a ball in a parable, when it hits the ground it generates a gravity field that attracts all nearby enemies and slows them for X seconds. - Spinning guardians: you use up to 3 (depends on how many you have available) blades and make them circle around you in a spiral motion towards you, every enemy that gets hit by those blades will receive damage and get his defences lowered. - Spinning blades: (needs 3 blades) over a designated area your blades spin in a spiral motion from the center to the rim damaging enemies and leaving a bleeding stack that deals damage overtime. - Magnetic field: (needs 1 blade) you throw a blade stabbing it in the floor, creating a magnetic field that stuns in-range enemies for a second on the strike and slows them down - Restrain: you put 4 blades around an enemy and generates a shield that prevents him from moving. - Sidekicks: you deploy 2 robots that shoot whatever you’re attacking or attacks you. They can be destroyed and CC’d. - Storming:(need 4 blades) your blades star to fly across a designated area repeatedly damaging every enemy they hit. - Stabbing: (need 1 blade)you throw one blade to an enemy, doing instant damage, the blade remains stabbed for X second dealing overtime damage. You can use it until you run out of blades. - Reset: all blades stop attacking and return to you. Other attacks would involve “juggling” with the weapon, waving it like a fan, storming and swarming your enemy with a rain of blades, throwing, stabbing, etc.
  17. HermesKriopho


    Quick thought, Earning a title in game to place next to our name. We could earn them as achievements, or for certain mile stones. This would give some purpose to do certain things with in the game. You could have titles for both PVE and PVP.
  18. Ballard


    Druid: Type: healer Gear: cloth Weapon: staff and forest spirit (kind of like a Little tree or plant) Description: alongside his companion, the forest spirit, the druid will aid his teammates succeed in battle healing and buffing them using the forces of nature. Alternating between healing around you, your spirit, an ally or a designated area will make you think first which kind you rather use depending on the fight development, adding a twist to the traditional healing of spamming the same heal for the tank and AOE healing. Skills: - Spirit call: your spirit grows from the earth like a tree. - Nature’s blessing: all healing skills consume no MP for X seconds - Aromatherapy: flowers bloom over your spirit, releasing fragrance that heal allies in range overtime. - Dandelion’s Bloom: you throw a seed, while the flower grows it heals HP and MP and when it finishes flourishing, it bursts, making all the dandelion seeds fly and increasing all nearby allies defense. - Purifying garden: druid’s staff start shining and around him grows flowers, it heals all nearby allies and removes negative effects. - Healing seeds: you throw 3 seeds from which some fruits grow, if an ally picks one, gets healed. - Draining vines: some vines grow in a certain área that absorbs enemies’ HP and transfers it to inrange teammates, so the more enemies there are in the vines the more HP it heals. - Simbiosis: you put a buff to an ally which effect is that all the damage he deals it’s absorbed in HP divided through all nearby teammates. - Photosynthesis: your spirit stands still with a flower on his head and heals himself. - Life infusion: you stand still and you and an ally target get surrounded by polen, healing that target for as long you hold the skill, you can hold it until you run out of mana. - Sacrifice: your spirit dies turning into polen that spreads and heals all nearby allies 100% HP and 50% MP. - Second chance: (passive skill with large CD) if you were to die with an attack, you recover 50% HP instead. - Sturdy: you and your summon become immune to CC and get a 50% damage reduction for X seconds. - Exchange: you absorb MP in exchange for your spirit’s HP. - Nature’s wrath: a giant spectral form appears behind an ally and enhances his attack. - Natures endurance: a giant spectral form appears behind an ally, removes negative effects and enhances his defence. - Natures life: a giant spectral for appears behind an ally, removes negative effects and enhances MP and HP regeneration. - Nature’s rage: your spirit grows and all his stats are increased. - Call of the forest: you revive an ally - Forest rebirth: resurrects all nearby allies. - Wooden Wall: you make grow a shield of roots that block all frontal attacks - Thick vegetation: high grass grow around you slowing down your enemies. - Carnivorous seed: you throw 3 seeds form with carnivorous plants emerge and deal damage to enemies. - Tremor: your spirits rushes underground to a designated area and bursts out creating an earthquake that stuns all surrounding enemies. - Poisonous cloud: the spirit spreads poisonous spores in the air that affect nearby enemies. - Poisonous skin: all enemies that attack you with melee attacks are poisoned and they receive damage overtime from the second 0 and slow down, every time the enemy attacks you the poison stack resets on him/her.
  19. Hello everyone, By answering an other topic (Resource Properties / Attributes), i had a idea. If item's statistic are depend to multiples thing: bonus statistic: depends on bonus materials on craft and random for loot statistic range depends on the item lvl statics in the range deponds on quality of materials and statistic characters for the craft; and random but more refined depending on the difficulty of the monster (trash, veteran, elite, boss, etc...) for loot. Then if you get an hight stat in low lvl part of an armor, maybe it will be better to keep it than use highter armor with low statistics. And all different lvl armor will be usefull in the game. Like that we will not have just disposable armor and that everyone uses the same armor at high lvl. ( sorry you cant raid you dont have the optimum gear set of the ninja turle of fire!! đź–•)
  20. Starflow


    -Monsters, carfting materials, npc, quests, etc that spawn when a certain weather condition is met. - Some people have been complainging that they don't want flashy skins that ruin immersion, so instead of making the typtcal christamst, halloween, etc event, why don't you create your own take on them but in the same date? you can even name it differently
  21. Type: middle range/melee dps Gear: cloth/leather Weapon: clawed glove Description: the shadow mage is a close range dps that uses deception and ambush moving in the shadows to stalk and chase enemies to their death, attacking not only the body but the soul. Move faster and be more elusive inside the shadows to hunt and haunt your prey taking advantage against him and defeat him before he notices you. Skills: - Shadow walk: (passive skill) while inside your shadow clod you gain movement speed, evasion and, in case of PvE, attack power. - Shadow cloud: dark cloud that you create with certain attacks, it lasts X seconds and can be removed by some healing skills like purifying garden and cleansing current. - Shadow bomb: you punch the floor creating a shadow cloud. - Shadow step: you Dodge the next 3 attacks you receive within X second, if you do, for each attack you teleport 1 meter on the direction you’re walking in that moment (regarding the movement keys your pressing) leaving a shadow cloud behind, if you’re standing still, you teleport forward. - Shadow dash: you transform in a shadow/smoke dashing forward, you are immune while in shadow form. When inside a shadow cloud you can use it twice. - Shadows spreading: for X seconds, each hit you deal creates shadow cloud. - Rampage: while in a shadow cloud, you absorb your surround cloud and for X seconds each time you hit the same target, your attack speed increases. If you hit a different target the attack speed goes back to normal. - Invisibility: while you are inside a shadow cloud you can turn invisible permanently provided that you stay inside the cloud or until you attack, but if you get out of the cloud it will last X seconds. The CD countdown will start once you’re visible again. - Darkness curse: you cast a seal under your enemy that immobilize for a second and a darkness stream shoots upwards reducing his defence and increasing the chances of missing attacks for X seconds. - Hallucinating curse: while you and your target are inside a shadow cloud, you infuse your enemy’s surrounding cloud into him, making him attack (just basic attacks) the nearest target, whether it’s npc or a character. - Alternative reality: you create a clone of yourself that merges from you running towards a target and attacks him with basic attacks and exploding if attacked, leaving a shadow cloud, and you become invisible for X seconds. - Doppelganger: you push yourself away making you invisible while leaving a copy of you where you were and exploding if attacked, leaving a shadow cloud, you have 2 charges with separated CD. - Detonate: you make your clones explode. - Soul wound: you throw a shadow projection of yourself to your enemy, it reduces it’s mana overtime. - Soul leech: you stab your enemy’s heart with your hand, absorbing his MP and immobilising him while the attack lasts. - Soul trace: you quickly teleport to you enemy’s back, touch his/her back and return to your previous position, leaving a mark on your enemy that lets you see him through obstacles and increasing your attack power against him. You can be CC’ed when you teleport to your enemy, canceling the attack. CD resets upon kill. - Darkness mine: you set a trap that triggers when your enemy walks by, it explodes doing damage overtime, slowing your enemy’s attack speed and releasing a shadow cloud. - Shadow burst: (quick cast) you condenses the shadow in a certain area into a sphere and you make it explode damaging all surrounding enemies. - Thousand cuts: you create 6 shadow clones around your enemy that rush to him/her several times each in a quick succession for 2 seconds, dealing damage and mini stuns for every strike. - Soul bind: you create a seal under your enemy and shadow hands appear, grabbing him, preventing movement. - Soul grip: you create a giant shadow hand that grabs your enemy and disappears, preventing him/her from attacking for X seconds. - Blinding strike: you reach for your enemy, throwing a shadow hand projection to her/his face, blinding the target. Enemy attacks won’t hit any target. - Shadow path: while inside a shadow cloud, you throw shadow projection of yourself leaving a shadow trail and damaging enemies on hit, you can use it 3 times consecutively before it goes on CD. - Dark darts: while inside a shadow cloud you throw a barrage of darts to a designated area in a parabolic trajectory. - Mimic: you copy the lask skill your target used. - The deceiver: you can copy the appearance of a target, even the nickname, (enemy or rally) for X seconds or until you use a skill.
  22. Toggleable high heels for every male and female skin
  23. crafting suggestions: 1- When you reach certain level at a crafting job, you are able to add 1 or 2 extra items to a “recipe” when crafting an item giving it extra bonuses like attack, attack speed, magic defence, etc. Some of these items might be only dropped by dungeon/raid/world bosses. 2- Special skin recipes that are obtained in dungeons, raids, world bosses or with achievements. 3- Special crafting material only obtainable by boss drop or salvaging the gear/weapon that boss dropped
  24. Name; Witch doctor Type: Healer Gear: Chain Weapon: staff and dagger Description: The witch doctor draws power from all surrounding life forms, even himself if necessary, to help his allies buffing them and cursing the enemies to use their attacks against them and draining their HP and MP. Skills: - Fair trade:(passive skill) the lower your health, the higher your attack power is - Voodoo doll: you summon a mannequin and link it to a character; if it’s an ally, all damage taken by him will be taken by the mannequin instead, if you link it to an enemy the damage the mannequin receives will be taken by the enemy instead, in this case, the doll can be attacked by allies and enemies. - Soul voodoo: you summon a mannequin and link it to a target, if the target is an ally, you aim the mannequin with your staff and strike with a dark ray, your target gets healed overtime and gets his defenses increased, if the target is an enemy, you stab the mannequin with your dagger, the target gets stunned and gets a bleeding stack that deals damage overtime. - Martyr: you put a spell on an ally, all damage taken by him heals nearby allies by the same amount divided through them. - Soul transfer: you transfer all your HP-1 to an ally. - Bonding souls: you connect yourself to a player; if targeting an ally, sets your and your ally’s HP percentage to the highest one between the two of you, if targeting an enemy, sets it to the lowest. - Dark ritual: you stab yourself reducing X% if your HP, healing that same percentage to each of your surrounding allies. If your HP is already less than X%, you are left with 1% HP. - Soul curse: if targeting an ally, you remove all his buffs but increase healing received for Xsec by 100%; if targeting an enemy, you remove all negatives states from him, but negates all heals he receives for Xsec. - Bonding curse: you curse a target for X seconds, when your target is an ally, you connect all his surrounding allies to him, if the first target receives any healing, connected allies will receive a healing equal to X% of that heal, if your target is an enemy, you connect all his nearby enemies, when the first target receives any damage, all connected enemies receive damage equal to X% of that damage. - Dark stalker: you strike the floor with your staff and a dark root trail travels towards your target, a grim reaper merges from the floor, if the target is an enemy, the grim reaper strikes him, and the lower the target’s health, the higher the damage it deals, if the target is an ally, the reaper, stays next to him, during this time he receives no damage. - Dark bargain: you aim to a target, if the target is an enemy, you will steal all his buffs, if it’s an ally, you will steal his debuffs and negative states. - Darkness shield: your HP cannot go under 1HP. - Darkness armor: you buff an ally, when attacked, the attacker also receives X% of that damage. - Soul mirror: you buff an ally or yourself, the next 2 attacks he receives within X seconds are reflected, being the damage dealt to the attacker. - Dark protection: you summon a totem that creates a black circle removing all negative states, all allies within it are immune to CC and negative states and defence increased, while enemies’ defence decreased. (totem can be attacked) - Eye for an eye: you link yourself to an enemy, if that enemy attacks you, he will receive that damage too, if he gets healed, you will be healed too. - Poisonous stab: you throw your dagger to an enemy dealing X damage and leaving a poison stack that deals increasing overtime damage. - Rotting floor: the floor around you turns into poison, you can move leaving a trail of poison. Enemies that go through this areas get slowed down and get overtime damage. - Venomous breath: you throw a venom cloud in a cone shaped area, poisoning all enemies within and receiving damage overtime, this enemies ar contagious, if they get near to their allies they’ll get poisoned with a weaker noncontagious version. - Dark binding: You strike the floor with your staff appearing black roots from it that will attach to all surrounding enemies, preventing them from moving for X seconds or until they receive damage and decreasing their defenses. - Fade: you get swallowed by a shadow in the floor granting you invulnerability, you can move that shadow and where ever it is when you use the skill again or the time limit is reached, you will reappear
  25. Guild Patriotism- Well as you may already know some of us are very proud of our guilds, and want to stand by them. Not only through the use of a Guild Title below our name, but also through other means. Being able to create our insignia in game would allow us to support our guild, and being able to wear it on things such as a tabard, or maybe even on our cloaks would add to the depth and love we have for our guilds. I think this may seem a trivial idea but I still believe it is an important one. A guild hall were we can create our guild, our insignia, and even have our guild banks is another very important piece to this puzzle. All something I highly suggest we see with in this game .
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