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  1. Oversight » What kind of guild will this be? « We will be mainly focussing on endgame dungeons and raids. We will allow socials to join aswell. PvP is also something we are looking forward to be doing when we're not farming for gear or doing PvE content. Most of us consist of people that love grinding and farming for the best gear and helping eachother doing so. » How is everything organized? « We will have multiple people in charge of different roles. The healing officer will be organizing the healers and helping them out, same goes for the Tanking officers etc. Since we want this to be a family-like environment we take everyone's input and feedback to improve the guild and community. » What's a family-like environment? « We care about people having fun and enjoying their time playing with guild members as they progress in the game. We don't allow toxic people or people that ruin that experience. We respect people's opinions and don't tolerate destructive behaviour that are intended to hurt other people on purpose. » How did Oversight originate? « Oversight was originally a hardcore World of Warcraft raiding guild that achieved nice rankings in the past. We always had strong dedication and motivation to figure out the quickest and best way to deal with bosses / raid mechanics and help our raiders out to become better. » How can people join Oversight? « Once we get closer to the official release of the game, we will be releasing a website for our guild where we take applications, we already have our own discord server : https://discord.gg/CbewdcS. For now you can either DM me on Discord or send me a PM here on the forums. ( Snowflakex#0975 on Discord). I do tend to respond fast. » What can we expect from Oversight? « 1. Fairly distributed gear during dungeon / raid runs. 2. Crafting materials / food buffs / flasks & pots / elixirs will be provided when necessary. 3. Assistance with leveling / quests / dungeons or other game related things when needed. 4. Be part of our Guild vs Guild PvP battles , defending our base or attacking another guild's base. 5. And a lot more, if you have any questions please reply to this topic and it will be answered :). P.S. Thank you for reading this post. I will be updating this a lot and hopefully we will gather a whole bunch of new friends to join us on our adventure in Oath! See you there!
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