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  1. For those curious, there's been an anti-lootbox legislation bill being presented by Josh Hawlsey-R-MO. This is relevant because there's a lot of concern with Oath's f2p model leaves it possible to end up with a lot of p2w stuff as that's what happens with many f2p games. If legislation is passed that won't be legally possible. Here is the initial text of the bill: https://www.hawley.senate.gov/sites/default/files/2019-05/Loot-Box-Bill-Text.pdf I've been discussing it in Discord and with friends. The main reason it could be struck down is broad language. However, it's also a Republican-led initiative with bipartisan support in an administration that gets few bipartisan wins, and it would give the Republican party a lot of visibility and good press among Millenials/GenZ (who are now entering voting age), which tend to not vote Republican, so I think there's a good chance it could pass with some revision. What are your thoughts? Stay away from bipartisan fighting, please.
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