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Found 11 results

  1. Guild Tag: [HoU] Recruitment Status: Open (Selective) Hand of Unity is a community with a history of playing games together going back years, and a long-established leadership. We offer a competitive group that offers gamers a family-type environment alongside getting things done that bigger guilds often lack. We have taken many guises (such as 'Aurorian Empire', 'Exile' and 'The Magisterium') over the years when we have played different MMOs and games. Now, we’re looking for new members as we prepare for Oath. While we wait we will be playing other games such as Overwatch, The Division 2, Hytale, WOW Classic and many others. Our guild caters to individuals who enjoy PVE content as well as those who enjoy slaying their enemies in PVP combat. We realise that presence in both areas is required in order to succeed, and fully appreciate the talent that grows from them. We believe in quality over quantity and most of our members play other games outside of MMORPGs with each other, given the strong bonds that have developed over the years. Our players are from very different backgrounds and cultures, yet we always strive to have an inclusive environment that is fun and lively for all involved. A guild should not be a workplace and although we expect dedication from our members, we seek to reduce barriers as much as possible. - Server firsts and a progressive attitude towards the game - Various forms of PVP including duels, arena and guild land sieges - To provide a stable and sustainable region for all players to enjoy - To be a major political and military force on the server we choose to call home - Continuing our successes from previous MMOs and to become a well known and respected community on our chosen server - Securing the best possible information during the testing phases to shape our future strategy. - A long established leadership that has been fine-tuned through several MMOs. Our two leaders have been working together for the past thirty years - Professional and supportive officers who are there to keep your best interests at heart alongside that of the guild - A forward-thinking focus that has meant we’ve already formed alliances with two other guilds - A friendly community of over one hundred and fifty members members who continue to play other games together outside of MMOs including Overwatch, Path of Exile, Sea of Thieves etc. In the past we have played MMOs such as Ultima Online, Rift, Age of Conan, World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, ArcheAge, Black Desert plus many others - Several early backers of the project that is only set to increase - A family environment where members support each other and interact even outside of playing games together - The opportunity to play several other games including MMOs such as WOW Classic and Ashes of Creation - A chance to be heard and input into the direction of the guild for the road ahead - Support from our Officers and Class Coordinators to develop your skills when it comes to the game generally as well as your builds - A custom programmed guild bot, merit based points system, spreadsheets (upon spreadsheets) as well as a variety of tools to ensure our members remain some of the most effective players of their class and/or profession - Individuals who are not just looking for a temporary place to join but a community that they will continue with for months or years to come - Players who are over the age of 18 and have a mature outlook - Maturity. We like to have fun and laugh but there are times where we require a serious can-do attitude - Commitment to the game. Whether you like to engage in PVP or PVE, we have a place for you but you must give activities your all. - Initiative; we encourage our members to set up their own events and activities alongside those set by the leadership - Play time of at least twenty five hours per week (If you are just shy of this requirement then do feel free to PM me to discuss as exceptions can be made for the right candidate) - Striving to constantly improve both your gear and your skills - Joining voice chat and getting involved in everything the guild has to offer Contacts: Discord: https://discord.gg/KtjS7Fm Website: https://www.handofunity.eu Extra Media: Our community intro https://youtu.be/AbnV3USdJFo Some random member gameplay https://youtu.be/4Q4t-i31ncs For more info: Do feel free to join our public Discord or to PM me here on the forum
  2. Ik wil jullie graag voorstellen aan een nieuw klein project dat ik nu aan het maken ben! Ik probeer een kleine gemeenschap vanaf de grond op te bouwen. onze hoofdgame zal echter voorlopig Oath zijn, maar we hebben ook een paar andere Gamerooms en zouden graag wat meer zien! Maar laten we ons nu concentreren op het gedeelte Oath! Ik wil dat deze Gilde een plek is voor iedereen om nieuwe mensen te vinden om mee te spelen en een nieuw klein gezinnetje op tebouwen om plezier mee te hebben tijdens het spelen van Oath of vele andere Games! Ondanks dat we proberen een naam voor onszelf te maken! Als je 3 gilden onder één dak brengt, kunnen onze kansen toenemen! Ons Gilde is verdeeld in een Duits, Nederlands en een Engels gilde en je hebt de keuze om je aan te sluiten bij welk Gilde je maar wilt maar is afhankelijk van je taalvaardigheid. Dit betekent dat alle gilden allemaal onder dezelfde naam worden gemaakt. Ik hoop echter dat iedereen nieuwe mensen kan vinden in alle secties van servers. Tot nu toe hebben we een ruimte gecreëerd voor League of Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, Apex Legends en Ashes of Creation. Voorlopig zijn we er maar een paar, maar we hopen met u mee te kunnen groeien met hulp en ondersteuning! Zoals ik al eerder zei, wil ik een meer familie-achtig gilde maken, wat betekent dat we geen marges hebben om te beklimmen, maar we streven er naar om te verbeteren. We hopen alle PvP-, PvE- en PvX-spelers in onze gelederen te verwelkomen Als er vragen zijn, aarzel dan niet om me te DMen of bezoek onze server! https://discord.gg/N8D2sEh Ik zie je aan de andere kant!
  3. Ich möchte Ihnen ein neues kleines Projekt vorstellen, das ich gerade erst mache! Ich versuche, von Grund auf eine kleine Gemeinschaft aufzubauen. Unser Hauptspiel wird jedoch vorerst Oath sein, aber wir haben noch ein paar andere Spielräume und würden gerne noch mehr sehen! Aber konzentrieren wir uns jetzt auf Oath! Ich möchte, dass diese Gilde ein Ort ist, an dem jeder neue Leute zum Spielen findet und eine neue kleine Familie gründet, mit der er Spaß haben kann, während man Oath spielt oder auch viele andere Spiele! Trotzdem versuchen wir, uns einen Namen zu machen! Das Zusammenbringen von 3 Gilden unter einem Dach kann unsere Chancen erhöhen! Unsere Gilde hat sich in eine deutsche, eine niederländische und eine englische Gilde unterteilt. Je nach Ihren Sprachkenntnissen haben Sie die Wahl, welcher Gilde ihr beitreten möchtet. Das bedeutet, dass alle Gilden unter demselben Namen erstellt werden. Ich hoffe jedoch, dass jeder neue Leute in allen Bereichen des Servers finden kann. Im Moment haben wir einen Raum für League of Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, Apex Legends und Ashes of Creation erstellt. Vorerst sind wir nur ein paar, aber wir hoffen, dass wir mit Ihrer Hilfe und Unterstützung wachsen können! Wie ich bereits sagte, möchte ich eine familienähnliche Gilde gründen, was bedeutet, dass wir keine Margen haben, aber wir bemühen uns, uns zu verbessern. Wir hoffen, alle PvP-, PvE- und PvX-Spieler in unseren Rangen begrüßen zu können Wenn Ihhr Fragen haben, DM mich einfach oder besucht unseren Server, um einen genaueren Blick darauf zu werfen! https://discord.gg/N8D2sEh Wir sehen uns auf der anderen Seite!
  4. First and formost, WELCOME! I would like to introduce you to a new litttle project I am creating right now! I am trying to build a little Community from the ground up. our main game however will be Oath for the time being but we have a couple of other gaming rooms aswel and would love to see some more! But lets concentrate on the Oath part for now! I want this Guild to be a place for everyone to find new people to play with and make a new little family to have fun with whilst playing Oath or many other games! Dispite that we ARE trying to make a Name for ourselfs! Bringing 3 Guilds under a single roof might increase our chances! Our Guild has divided into a German, Dutch and an English guild and you have the choice to join whichever Guild you like and depending on your linguistic proficiency. Meaning that all the guilds will all be created under the same name. HOWEVER I hope that everyone can find new people in all of the Servers Sections. For now we created a space for League of Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, Apex Legends and Ashes of Creation. For the time being we are but a few but we hope to grow with you help and support! As i said before I would like to make a more Family like guild meaning that we don't have any margins to climb however we do strife to improve. We hope to welcome all PvP, PvE and PvX player to our ranks. If there are any Questions please feel free to DM me or visit the our server go get a better look! https://discord.gg/N8D2sEh See you on the other side!
  5. Conserns and Considerations Subscriptions: Though I believe many will disagree with this idea I believe there should be a subscription even if it's just 5-10 a month. I believe this would not only help for future content but would also ease the temptation to make this game a play to win. Dispite what the Devs say (and I hate to compare) video games need proper support and without it every game becomes play to win. With no finacnial stress it giives the Devs peace and freedom to create content and further the longevity of the game. You are already getting the funds from teh players, I dont think any of us would mind a monthly subscription. WOW players understand this well. Mobs and Hob Gob'lins Let's be real no one is ever happy with any state of any game, we always want more and then more on top of that. But longevity is the key here. Players become "brain dead" when they can beat a dungeon, raid or even the basic of mobs (outside the learning quest that come at the beginning of the game) to easilly. MAKE THE GAME HARD! This is where games such as BDO, TERA, DRAGON NEST,Blade and SOUL have failed (IMO) it had no reason to party up and we all know community is everything for many players. Give us a reason to party up, give us a reason to grind and search for rare material to enhance gear. Make monster immune to attacks and abilities. If winning takes no effort then there will be no sense of fulfillment when victory is obtained. Even in defeat I believe "character of the player" can be developed. Don't give in to the whining of individuals who had it easy their who life! Treat us like Spartans! Character Classes: The more the better I say (Sub classes and more)! But what would be the point of all these classes if you have a cleric that can do as much damge as a Swordsman (DPS class). Let there be pros and cons to the classes we play. Dont make it to where a Tank can heal himself to a point there would be no need for a healer in the party. Again this would bring about a sense of community and communication of the player base (needed for Longevity of a game). Gamers play classes that they can relate to and have a desire to relate to but if you can do the same thing on all classes whats the point.... PVP: "Nothing like a good fight"! What is the one thing that can always change without an update? PLAYERS! 2 people can have a conversation about teh same topic many times but not quote every sentence exactly as they did when they first spoke on the topic.....what I mean to say is that PVP is needed (open world, Arena, GvG, events and then some) This is the only thing that would not need an update per say because we are our own update, we are always evolving finding new ways to play and win. We are the Boss at the end of the dungeon to beat, We are reason players have a desire to log in for the day.... Final Thoughts on this thus far: I am excited for this game, but I believe everything should mean something down to the conversations we have with NPC's. Give us a reason to log into the game for years to come and be open and honest with what you all are trying to do. This is a relationship between Dev's and Players and trust me the Players have recieved the negetive end of many failed relationships with companies. Dont make a game that you won't support 3 years down the line. Make this game the "Golden Egg". I hate to Use anime as references but the reason they Video Game Anime related shows were sp popular is because it's what gamers want (not VR) yet we dont have. Watch Sword art online, Log Horizon, etc. These thoughts are my own and I understand everyone may not feel this way but I hope it helps the Devs create content worth playing.
  6. Name: Corinthius_Prime (aka Meijinn_Nil) Class- Warrior (tank) Discord- Corinthius_Prime#1783 With a history of gaming I am looking forward to what OATH has to offer. I am also eager to unite and meet like minded plyers who are wiling and ready to take advantage of all the things the game has to offer. I have a motto "Real Life First", that means before any game make sure you have Peace in life. Hit me up if you'd like to join me in this game or in general. This link was a little something made when I played BDO as well as for those who were with me. We don't RP but we always like to carry our self in a manner that may seem that way. Creating Bonds that surpass any game I've established (with the help of comrades and friends alike) a small community thus far worth being a part of.
  7. THE FOLLY OF LIMITED CLASS/SUBCLASSES The information discussed in this specific topic is based on what I have experienced as a gamer and what many can relate to . If considered by the Devs I believe OATH will avoid falling in the same whole (making the same mistake) other companies have before.   Short Version- Limiting the amount of classes/subclasses to choose from will bring a sense of dullness to a game. The "replayablity" (may have made that word up) of a game can quickly be increased in a positive manner if each Class presented a new way to play the same story. Take the story of the "Three Little Bears" (told from the point of the bears) as one way to playa game; Then tell the same story from the view point of Goldie Locks as another "way of playing the game" and you will see two very different experiences though the same story has been told. In contrast, if OATH presented such a uniqueness within the character class system (which will take time, effort and a ton of research) then I personally believe the game will pay for itself. Gaming companies have only begin to scratch the surface of what giving options can do for a game. The more to choice from the more personable a class is to the gamer/player using it. With that being said consider the examples: "Player will have the ability to select from a series of subclasses in the game based on the main class they picked from the start".       Warrior-------------------------------------Duelist -------------------------------------Defender -------------------------------------Monk -------------------------------------Guardian -------------------------------------Fighter   I believe the more that is presented come launch day the more space and time the Devs have given themselves to further develop the game; Why? Because we now have options.       Anyway these are my thoughts, feel free to pm me if need be (anyone). I have many more thoughts about the game. Be Blessed. (IT WOULD BE NICE TO GET FELLOW GAMERS ON THE SAME PAGE, LIKE THE COMMENT, SHARE IT AS WELL. IT'S ONE THING FOR A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL TO SPEAK ON A TOPIC BUT THEY WILL ONLY LISTEN IF WE UNITE UNDER OUR REQUEST.) Discord Name- Corinthius_Prime#1783
  8. Guilds in this game are going to be seemingly large with things like guild halls and guild wars. Some things I'd like to see implemented just for quality of life for guilds are Applications; which include a "link" to their character and their message, additionally it would be nice to be able to add a fee and requirements to even apply Modifiable roles; I think these should be able to be created by the guild leader and choose the names and permissions of each guild role Guild vault; a shareable bank by your guild that you can deposit/withdraw into/from depending on your permissions Location tracker; either on the minimap or just near their name in the list of guild members their general location Guild chat Cosmetic that represents your guild just from looking at your character; banner, cape, maybe just title Editable guild logo (not uploadable, but a logo creator in game)
  9. https://discord.gg/YXZqzrW
  10. hey i am from Europe who wants to play this game with on a more serious/fun way so thats why i've set out to create a guild so that i could put in a grind and have more fun times. requirements: must know how to speak English. (not very much just some) must be active on discord when the games launches. must be ready to have a fun time with some up-incoming friends:) if you are interested contact me on gmail: [email protected] Discord: King Of Pirates#6854 Discord server: https://discord.gg/9ZMTrm i have made a little discord server that way you can jump in and see how many have joined and maybe that will get you more interested;) gl and have fun when the game launches i hope you are willing to give me and the guild a try:)
  11. Hello, My name is Tbagginz and I'm the leader of the NA guild Hardcore Casual Gaming. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about this game. Please come check us out and discuss the Oath game and how we will use our votes. We are a guild of friends and other members who want to experience endgame content but limited on time. We are currently playing World of Warcraft, Dauntless, and League of Legends. Our raid/play times will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-10:00 PM CST. https://discord.gg/dyB7Ac
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