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Found 2 results

  1. Kiwii

    Grind for gear

    I am not sure whether this already has been discussed, but I would like to talk about the topic anyways.. I am suggesting that oath doesnt make you grind for gear and stats; only for cosmetics! The combat looks like great fun. I hope that being good at the game means skill with your class, rather than hours of grind you put into farming stats.. What do you guys think?
  2. Hello everyone, By answering an other topic (Resource Properties / Attributes), i had a idea. If item's statistic are depend to multiples thing: bonus statistic: depends on bonus materials on craft and random for loot statistic range depends on the item lvl statics in the range deponds on quality of materials and statistic characters for the craft; and random but more refined depending on the difficulty of the monster (trash, veteran, elite, boss, etc...) for loot. Then if you get an hight stat in low lvl part of an armor, maybe it will be better to keep it than use highter armor with low statistics. And all different lvl armor will be usefull in the game. Like that we will not have just disposable armor and that everyone uses the same armor at high lvl. ( sorry you cant raid you dont have the optimum gear set of the ninja turle of fire!! 🖕)
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