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Found 2 results

  1. Ever since SWG, I've longed for a game where the natural resources have properties of their own. A simple example is, let's say, an attribute called Conductivity. Other attributes might be Toughness, Density, etc Conductivity is a property of Metal. Different metals (Iron, Copper, Titanium, etc) would have varying degrees of Conductivity. Maybe Copper is almost always more highly conductive than other metals. Then, when crafting an item, you could choose to use *any* metal you have on hand, but perhaps your goal is for this item to have the most Conductivity. So you'd pick "Copper" but not only that, you would pick the highest Conductivity copper you could find, as the outcome of the final product would be better. That low conductivity copper is crap 😉 But not as crappy as the iron that has conductivity - suddenly the cheap copper might look better. Anyway, that's what I've been searching for for a looooong time. Would love to see Oath take up the mantle!
  2. Lets Hear In Some Detail What You Think Is The Perfect MMO -Mounts- -Pets- -Classes- -QuestLine- -PvP- -Dungeons- -World's/Area's- -Monster's- -Professions- -End Game- -PvE- Lets See Those Long Answers
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