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Found 4 results

  1. Ever since SWG, I've longed for a game where the natural resources have properties of their own. A simple example is, let's say, an attribute called Conductivity. Other attributes might be Toughness, Density, etc Conductivity is a property of Metal. Different metals (Iron, Copper, Titanium, etc) would have varying degrees of Conductivity. Maybe Copper is almost always more highly conductive than other metals. Then, when crafting an item, you could choose to use *any* metal you have on hand, but perhaps your goal is for this item to have the most Conductivity. So you'd pick "Copper" but not only that, you would pick the highest Conductivity copper you could find, as the outcome of the final product would be better. That low conductivity copper is crap 😉 But not as crappy as the iron that has conductivity - suddenly the cheap copper might look better. Anyway, that's what I've been searching for for a looooong time. Would love to see Oath take up the mantle!
  2. Oath will be primilarly funded via their cosmetic cash shop. I personally love cosmetics and being able to customize my character. However, while I want to support the game. For some players such as myself, simply purchasing an epic looking item for $5 dollars will never be as satisfying as earning it through work and dediciation. To strike a balance between the two, what I would like to propose are cosmetic equipment recipes being added to the cash shop. While there will still be an adequate supply of cosmetics you can purchase to receive instantly. Cosmetic recipes will be for players looking to work towards something truly special. The more difficult recipes may prove to be very time consuming. Perfect for the most determined of players. While difficulty from recipe to recipe may vary, players who complete these will have the opportunity to acquire some of the most epic looking equipment pieces available in game. Crafting recourses may be obtained in the methods below ➢Drops from particular bosses and mobs ➢Resource gathering ➢Purchasing supplies from other players. Not all required resources will be tradeable. However, for the few that are, this will serve as an efficient recourse sink. Players buying these resources will be crafting them into untradeable cosmetic equipment. Permanently taking it out of circulation and helping to sustain the economy. ➢Challenges and Quest Rewards - Purchasing a recipe will not generate a quest or challenge in itself. However, a resource required may be obtained from a particular quest/challenge. These would be repeatable quests and challenges that offer optional rewards. Among which, potentially being the resource you need. BONUS: Cosmetic recipe bundles. While these may be a bit more expensive than single item recipes depending on the “rarity”. These bundles would typically offer multiple recipes consisting of individual pieces of equipment, that together come together to make an entire themed set. Show your support by leaving a comment below.
  3. mekkew


    Here are my hopes for aalchemy. I don't want it to be a class but a crafting proffession. It should have a variety of things to craft like buffing potions poisons and throwable grenades. It might also be used to imbue properties onto certain items. Also it would be fun if you could transmute insanely expensive materials into gold at a very unprofitable ratio just for fun. What are your hopes for alchemy?
  4. crafting suggestions: 1- When you reach certain level at a crafting job, you are able to add 1 or 2 extra items to a “recipe” when crafting an item giving it extra bonuses like attack, attack speed, magic defence, etc. Some of these items might be only dropped by dungeon/raid/world bosses. 2- Special skin recipes that are obtained in dungeons, raids, world bosses or with achievements. 3- Special crafting material only obtainable by boss drop or salvaging the gear/weapon that boss dropped
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