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  1. Welcome! Hope to see you in game!
  2. Help

    Healer Main here

    I've always enjoyed the roll of healer! I really hope they can include multiple classes that have the ability to heal. Maybe a main healer and a secondary.
  3. Mostly playing Path of Exile with a bit of Elder Scrolls Online. I did just start playing on the private server Homecoming for City of Heroes
  4. I feel you there lol
  5. Help


    Oh of course!
  6. Help

    Summoner Hopes?

    I always go towards a summoner in games that I play! So I really hope they can include it in this game. Some really good takes on summoners in my opinion are from City of Heroes and Age of Conan.
  7. Help


    Here with hopes I can troll in a /Help chat in game
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