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  1. sounds like you are setting this class up for immediate failure in pvp. If all they get is a way to get back to range to use their ranged abilities then any class that counters this with gap closers or stuns of their own will render you nothing more than a target dummy. look at old wow (wow classic now) hunters had a few melee abilities because otherwise they were destroyed once someone got into melee range. This would be so hard to balance.
  2. Welcome to the forums and welcome to Oath 🙂 Once Paypal issues get worked out you should pledge if you can afford to, if not that is understandable 🙂 but some minor perks are name reservations, and a bunch of nice looking mounts, pets, and costumes that will be only available to kickstarter/pledge payers and only available until the 15th of this month!
  3. There's a big difference. That computer generated encounter doesn't kill you with for the fun of it. It doesn't take your resources, it doesn't camp you, and you can walk away from it. In a raid scinario engagement doesn't happen until you initiate it. The argument most people.make against PvP is not that we.dont want PvP in the game but that we as players with different ways of enjoying content do not feel it is right or necessary to be forced into non-consentual pvp. PvP is fine, I enjoy PvP. I don't enjoy being forced to PvP to advance in pve and I know many people who are on the same page for PvP. No one should have to participate in PvP to be competitive in pve and vise versa. Not once did anyone say the game shouldn't have PvP so stop trying to twist this. I'm telling people to stop pretending the focus is equally on PvP because unless their wordings wrong, it's not and this will mislead people. PvP players are not generally forced to engage in end game pve to get better PvP gear or resources. If you want the best pve resources with the current model you are heavily pressured.to engage in PvP that can and will result in loss of resources. The game at a glance disproprtionatly punishes pve players by forcing them into PvP conflict to accomplish a non PvP goal. A comparable argument would be that resources to create PvP specific consumables can be found in the world, however there is a substantially higher abundence of them found inside dungeon and raid instances and if you die you lose them. That would never end up in the game due to the childish rage it would enduce, but everyone feels it's fine to do that to pve players forcing them into contested PvP areas to have their resources stolen
  4. No one likes government except ppl working for the government, and a lot of them hate it too. But, regulations help prevent things from happening that otherwise would. No one says it's perfect but it's a step in the right direction. Any company that needs to rely on deceiving, manipulating, or pressuring people into parting with money for an unknown and unrealistic chance to get an item they want, shouldn't be in business. If a company actually cares for their player base, their reputation, and longevity, they will planley and fairly post their items for sale on the shop where a customer can make an informed decision and can see and feel the tangable value of an item. Nothing causes regret faster than spending $100 for an item, or more, to later realize you stupidly spent X amount of money that should have been on the store for $10-$25. Games with lootboxes are toxic and predatory. I don't care if it's to minors or adults. They need to be banned outright or game companies will just label their games mature to get around it. Forcing them to disclose % is also a good way to destroy the practice because they all know their sale numbers will hit rock bottom as soon as people realise the mount they want has a .33% drop chance. (That's 1/3rd of 1%) The number I used was an actual number from a court case, idk which game, I forget
  5. All we know right now is alpha 1 is first, this December timeframe
  6. Yaz87

    DPS Self healing

    I feel like that playstyle pushes ppl away from grouping. Just as a healer, dps get their panties in a knot when healers can pump out comparable dps. Having ridged lines between roles creates more impact on your class/role choice, defines your purpose, helps with balance, and encourages group play. This also adds value to professions. Making sure you have the best tools available. It also slows down the leveling process which ties into the desire for a slower pace. With a limited action set, if they need to design content around the idea you have a heal and can use it, you will need to, then making it meta. Do you want to give up one of you good dps skills to carry a heal?
  7. I will be putting together a hardcore PvE guild in the coming weeks. If you are interested feel free to message me through Discord.

  8. I enjoy having harder versions of dungeons. It's easier on development too. Having a few only max level makes sense but making low levels accessable via hard mode also makes a bigger dungeon pool. I'd like to see dungeon drops be rolls, personal loot is fun in wow but I love that element of stress when you roll against ppl for it, plus you also see who the douches are and who the really nice ppl are
  9. Welcome tipsy! Gratz on purple backer name. Hope to see you around and in game 😁
  10. Yaz87

    Hard mode server

    Oh no I'm not saying it should be easy, I'm just saying it's unusual to see a harder server. That the idea is cool but very unlikely. I feel having more difficult, slow progression will benefit the game long term. It will give devs more time.to add content, slow down players who feel the need to rush, people will be forced to learn their spells through either more time between new spells, or necessity to kill their targets. I use more spells in vanilla wow through sheer nesessity than I do on bfa. I don't think I have all of them even on my bars, literally just because I don't have too
  11. You actually only need to pay the sub and pay for the most recent expansion. ESO nickel and dimes you into the dirt. The games not functionally playable at end.game without a.sub. technically you could struggle for free.but there.are.so many dlcs with dungeons and raids locked in them. If you sub you still need to purchase the expansions, and to pour salt in the wound, if you want any mounts you will buy them on the cash shop unless you are ok with the horse. Their overly greedy monitization keeps me away from that game. So you buy the game, expansions, and if you want any bling. It's much more value to me to pay $15 a month and play freely and have well over 500 obtainable mounts in game and occasionally drop $25 on a nice mount from the shop. I honestly despise cash shop driven games, and dlc gimmicks, but against my experience and better judgement, I'm rooting for the success of this game with the cash shop model. As soon as abuse is a concern, I'll be super annoying on these forums before I abruptly disappear and drudge.back disapointedly to WoW
  12. Sounds like the topic should have been rewritten as "what should the benefit of ganking be". It's been stated several times, this is a PVE mmorpg, with PvP elements. I highly doubt there.will be full loot, that.progression will be negated with crafting, etc. There are plenty of PvP MMOs out there.with these systems, stop trying to turn this game into one of those.
  13. Yaz87


    Stopped reading at #2. That's loot boxes and gambling. No thx, won't pay a dime in the cash shop if lock boxes make an appearance in any form.
  14. Can't wait to see more 😁
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