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  1. I like everything GW2 does except this.
  2. No doubt about it!! Welcome to the forums! 😄
  3. Welcome to the forums!! Used to watch your GW2 videos a long time ago 😄 All of us are hoping for a decent development timeline. With Alpha 1 already on the horizon (Dec 2019), I believe Oath will be out faster than most other crowd-funded MMOs in development. Hoping to see lots of Oath content on your blog and channel in the future 🙂
  4. +1 for combo skills based monk class.
  5. Totally with you there! Hope healing in Oath is more than just managing skill cooldown timers. I haven't played Overwatch, but Ana is my favorite healer in Heroes of the Storm.
  6. A support main, eh? We'll need some of those 😄 Welcome to the forums! 🙂
  7. I would like to see: Experience penalty while levelling and fixed weakness status. At max level, weakness status with increasing de-buffs Weakness status would decrease health, damage, mana, stats, etc. by some amount (5%?). This de-buff should stay on the character for 5 mins and gradually get better. Before max level, this should be fixed and get reset upon repeated death. At max level, this should stack and increase in intensity and duration (optionally). Example, below max level:- at 1st death -> 5% de-buff for 5 mins 1 min after 1st death -> 4% de-buff for 4 mins 2 min after 1st death -> 3% de-buff for 3 mins 3 min after 1st death -> 2% de-buff for 2 mins at 2nd death -> 5% de-buff for 5 mins 1 min after 2nd death -> 4% de-buff for 4 mins etc. Example, at max level:- at 1st death -> 5% de-buff for 5 mins 1 min after 1st death -> 4% de-buff for 4 mins 2 min after 1st death -> 3% de-buff for 3 mins 3 min after 1st death -> 2% de-buff for 2 mins at 2nd death -> 7% de-buff for 7 mins 1 min after 2nd death -> 6% de-buff for 6 mins etc. Personally, I don't like the whole equipment taking durability damage and needing repair thing. Makes no sense. I died, so why does my weapon take durability hit? Weakness (or resurrection sickness, whatever) makes more sense to me. Also, I wanna be clear that I don't mind having a durability mechanism where your equips require regular repair the more your use them. That actually makes sense as your weapon and armors will have wear & tear when you use them. If a durability penalty does get used for death penalty, I would love it if the repair costs increase every time you die within a certain time period and then come down when you don't die for some time. Otherwise, after enough game-time (and farming), the costs for repair become insignificant and the death penalty becomes useless.
  8. Interesting. So for example, in a 6 player party with 2 healers, you're saying the healer with higher healing numbers should get better loot than the other healer? What if one healer has good sustained healing with high numbers and the other has low healing numbers but has burst heal, shields and resurrections and saves the party from wiping a bunch of times? That was one example. There could be a lot of ways in which dmg/healing numbers don't always show the true performance. Personally, I like my surprises and would love to stick with random loot drops and distribution across party members. Whoever gets it, keeps it. Simple. However, if a truly fair system to determine dungeon/raid performance can be implemented, then I wouldn't mind having one or more MVP rewards based on that.
  9. Good suggestion and I agree. Story/Lore is extremely important for not only PvP zones but every aspect of the game. IMO everything in the game, every map, zone, dungeon, item, NPC, etc. should have a reason to be where and how they are. It's one of the things that makes a good MMO great!
  10. I like it. It does add some player immersion to the class (it is an RPG after all) and opens up some great gameplay opportunities with the potential for: Arrow items dropping from mobs Crafting of arrows from items dropped by mobs Having a variety of arrows of different rarity and effects: Elemental arrows (fire, ice, earth, etc.), Effect arrows (stun, blind, poison, slows, etc.), Combination arrows (a certain type of arrow might give more dmg or some effect with a certain bow type, ex. Light bow + light arrows = additional 20% dmg and chance to blind) Having some weight/storage limitations on the arrows can counteract the range and damage PvE advantages that Rangers will (should) have over other classes.
  11. That's a great question. I'm not sure entirely and am open to ideas. A few thoughts off the top of my head are: Having a different style of aura available for the next level cap vs the current level cap Disabling auras for everyone until they hit the next level cap. So, basically only the max leveled characters in the game get to have auras whatever that level happens to be at any given time. You would still retain your aura glyphs/styles collected and purchased but won't be able to view/use them until you hit the increased max-level. If the max-level increase comes with new maps/zones, then having aura visible only in old maps/zones/dungeons and not in the new maps until you hit max-level.
  12. EmberMage

    Rogue Hopes

    Oh ya, that's a good idea too. Some kinda poison smoke bomb that can create an AOE for a few seconds would be cool too.
  13. Totally agree here. I remember Assassins being able to solo entire dungeons (bosses and all) with bloodlust/life leech in Perfect World. Having decent sustain to be able to grind in the open world without much downtime is okay but being completely self-sustained makes other classes useless and is not much fun IMO. Regarding PvP, having activate-able short burst (like 5secs) of high life leech (50%+ of dmg done) on a longer cooldown (like 1min), combined with a passive life leech of 10% might be okay? Shields skills for mitigating burst dmg on a long cooldown might also be a viable alternative to leech skills. Just my 2 cents of course.
  14. EmberMage


    I'm hoping for Warriors to be able to use Glaives/Polearms as alternate weapons and have weapon specific abilities as well.
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