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  1. A slow leveling experience - Make leveling relevant again instead of a rush to a grindy endgame. A social leveling experience - Need to do away with dungeon finders. I do like the idea of dungeon gathering spots to queue up for a dungeon. The game should be about accomplishing goals as a group with preferably a guild or group of friends Action Combat - 'nuff said. I can't go back to slow-combat tab-targetting games. Immersion - something games seem to have lost. Tired of silly costumes and mounts that break the setting of the game. Awesome setting-appropriate costumes in the shop
  2. So what race do you primarily MAIN in games? Pick whatever fits most closely or follow up with a reply! I'm curious!
  3. Hahaha. Americans don't vote with their wallet. I'm like the only person I know who does that. Look at how many people still use Facebook after flat-out being told they're abusing their data resulting in manipulated elections. So you're not okay with the government regulating water cleanliness or explosives or air transportation security? Because this is the exact same concept, just applied to something new.
  4. I agree with Nod. I will probably test them out first, but I hesitently am considering healer as that's what I usually do. That or a sword-and-board warrior.
  5. I agree; I think that's why both are mentioned separately in the bill. The idea is even if it's not a p2w mechanic it can still trigger gambling addiction reactions in the vulnerable.
  6. For those curious, there's been an anti-lootbox legislation bill being presented by Josh Hawlsey-R-MO. This is relevant because there's a lot of concern with Oath's f2p model leaves it possible to end up with a lot of p2w stuff as that's what happens with many f2p games. If legislation is passed that won't be legally possible. Here is the initial text of the bill: https://www.hawley.senate.gov/sites/default/files/2019-05/Loot-Box-Bill-Text.pdf I've been discussing it in Discord and with friends. The main reason it could be struck down is broad language. However, it's also a Republican-led initiative with bipartisan support in an administration that gets few bipartisan wins, and it would give the Republican party a lot of visibility and good press among Millenials/GenZ (who are now entering voting age), which tend to not vote Republican, so I think there's a good chance it could pass with some revision. What are your thoughts? Stay away from bipartisan fighting, please.
  7. I think you either like cell shaded or you don't. Nothing wrong with that, but lots of people do. My problem with it is it's just super grindy. The same things over and over. I haven't really been playing anything and it's driving me bats#!+ crazy. I've been trying out various mobile MMOs but most of them suck. I'll probably try out Talion when it releases and Project Eternal looks promising -- but again, both mobile MMOs so... A lot of people play Path of Exile so maybe I'll try that out. I feel like I ran through the intro to it once before and wasn't impressed because the class choices weren't up my alley. Plus I hear it's p2w? I log into Tera once in a while and level something to max when I get an itch for decent combat but the end game p2w grind has lost my interest.
  8. I agree with Kida. If you're worried about people not experiencing content, put a level block behind it like WoW did. Make it a reward for the main storyline quest that takes you to all the zones. What I didn't care for was the "Pathfinder" style requirement to get it. Why would you put a mount behind hours of rep grinding where you go to the same places every day and don't see much more than you did during the main story quest? Or make an epic quest that specifically takes you all over every zone. I used to love epic quests in EQ. High levels running past low level areas doesn't make the world more alive. It just gives the ILLUSION of being more alive and instead becomes a time sync for people who may not have a lot of time to play. Guild says "Anyone want to run X Dungeon?" "Sure, just give me 15 [email protected]#$ing minutes to get there, oh wait, nevermind, I only have a half hour to play and we can't run X Dungeon in 15 minutes." If you want high levels and low levels interacting in the field you have to give them actual goals that both of them need to work on in those places that high levels can't knock out in zero time. A good example is gathering crafting materials that don't expire linearly. (i.e. the same things you need to craft at high levels require the same material components found everywhere in the game, perhaps just alchemized or converted into higher level materials)
  9. UltraPoe

    Priest Hopes?

    Skill trees are the only way they're going to make this class feel like anything other than a token class. Healers so rarely get any love in MMOs. A token "you can heal that's all you need" classes. I do like healing but I've been doing it for 20 years and it gets tiring games throwing one healing class in the middle of 6 dps (bow range, magic range, melee dps, melee support dps) and 2 tank classes and watching the community gripe about not enough healers. It's a developer-crafted problem and it's not like healers enjoy having zero variation to choose from in classes. "Oh looks like I get to wield a staff or a mace again". Having the ability to choose from as many different weapon and combat styles as dps or tanks would be nice for a change.
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