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  1. I think if you need magic to make it work just be a mage. Don't pretend to be a physical class if you aren't. That being said, I like armour progression of some sort. Maybe we could upgrade those armours or something
  2. mekkew

    Music Channel

    Just out of curiosity how do you post these? I'm not very tech savvy...
  3. maybe it's just nostalgia for old runescape where there was this really dangerous place that seemed like a thrilling place to explore but i would prefer zoned areas. It increases tension in exploration of those areas.
  4. According to Stephen on the discord they are going for their own platform and steam, considering other platforms as well.
  5. The one with him pointing to the island from the sailboat.
  6. Eh, it is what it is. The willing suspension of disbelief is a highly subjective thing.
  7. I really want the outfit we see in the background picture. He looks so comfy.
  8. Personally, I wish i had to keep track of what I was firing. I Don't play archer classes in most other games because it breaks my immersion to not need ammo. The only way around this for me is if it's a magic bow firing energy beams or something. Even then at what point are you an archer or a mage?
  9. my favorite anime is: Now and Then, Here and there I like so many more of them though
  10. I'm all for a beast race but i think it should be beastlier, hairy chests and fur all over. Something a little more werekin and less eastern mmo
  11. mekkew


    Here are my hopes for aalchemy. I don't want it to be a class but a crafting proffession. It should have a variety of things to craft like buffing potions poisons and throwable grenades. It might also be used to imbue properties onto certain items. Also it would be fun if you could transmute insanely expensive materials into gold at a very unprofitable ratio just for fun. What are your hopes for alchemy?
  12. THis was my suggestion for monetezation. I'll repost it here. From my understanding, the feature about Oath that most interests me (voting) is temporary. Once we use our points it’s gone. I propose it should return as one of the game’s features. How it should work is that there should be as set period for voting, maybe quarterly or something. Votes would be purchasable in the cash shop (with a max amount one can buy for each period). This would incentivize both recurrent monetization and player retention. It ensures that those who support the game will be invested in what’s coming and provide support for the development after those players have their characters all spiffed out. The devs would of course have final say on what gets voted on. Votes could be for things as simple as what events should return to new features that the devs know are feasible to implement. I don’t know how player suggestions for votes would be implemented yet. One reason against it might be that some might think it’s adding pay to win mechanics but it isn’t. It would not affect any individual characters and with a periodic cap on votes no one could just bank roll in changes. Those who support the game getting a say is the point and if player suggestions are implemented it does not totally discriminate against those who can’t pay because it is the promotion of ideas. If one can convince those around him that his idea is good perhaps he need never even be able to afford the vote. Another reason against it might be that the devs just want to make their game and have more autonomy. I have no argument against this, it is a very reasonable position to hold. But the kickstarter mentions them wanting the players to have feedback so this is my suggestion. I’m not advocating that this should be done without the backers’ approval. It has already been said that the cash shop will be cosmetic only and to break that would be a breach of trust unless the backers vote for it in the initial voting campaign.
  13. personally i think it should be all or nothing. If it's limited to certain areas it begs the question why only there? I think it breaks immersion more than if it were common or impossible.
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