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  1. The last concept I heard is the Pledge packs with KS rewards will no longer be available around the time the video comes out, this was to give people a chance to see more about Oath prior to switching to traditional supporter packs. The big differences will be no kickstarter exclusive rewards will be available in these "supporter" packs, however full details and exact dates are yet to come.
  2. Correct Dec is the Alpha 1 release not the full game.
  3. Welcome to the community
  4. Fired up the old Xbox again and started to play attack on Titan 2, that new dlc is nice.
  5. It is a fairly common practice to have PvE and PvP servers in an MMO but letely i have noticed that trend going by the wayside in favor of the toggle/karma systems.
  6. Welcome to the oath community Ruby!
  7. If this thread derails into something drama filled I'll have to address it as such, sorry folks.
  8. It's more about when introducing a new element to a conversation, elaborating on it because we may have newer mmo players in the conversation. When you are suggesting alignment changes how would that apply to oath? What consequences do you see it having in this game?
  9. Dagnome

    Pvp dungeons

    I have seen a few conversations about this in the past so lets get some numbers on it. Do you guys want to see event style open PvP dungeons? Elaborate on how you want to see it done after voting. 🙂
  10. If you could elaborate more on what exactly a "karma" system is and what the benefits of it are that would drive the discussion foward.
  11. I know many of you have your wants and ideas about what the PvP should be like in oath but through what i have read, and keeping in mind the teams adamant stance on not forcing anyone to engage in pvp if they choose not to, these were the most prominent options i could come up with that are realistic for oath. I would really like to see the community respond to this to show the developers what their community would prefer so please participate and leave your thoughts after voting!
  12. > Well the rewards would be gold from their purse, maybe a title here and there. > hackers is something the anti cheat and GM will have to deal with, they will always find a way into gaming these days unfourtunately but if we find a hacker they'll just get banned. > teaming is an interesting concept, if you are not in this passive mode then you just simply accept the risk that there is a gang of gangkers rolling around out there. Remember the premise behind this is a simple one, allow open world pvp while not forcing anyone to engage in it. This was just a very brief initial idea on how to achieve these expanding the idea of zoned pvp into the open world. This way a player can simply not engage in pvp if they don't want to, it is basically a pvp toggle which was spoken about before but expanded a bit further. I have seen a lot of discussion on discord and did what i could to mesh most peoples wants into a concept that will work. If we can get enough community support behind this I am willing to bet the folks at ready up are flexible enough to consider this. 😉
  13. Welcome to the community.
  14. Correct, the passive mode would only effect player vs player combat. This would open the door as well to a bounty system where the higher your threat the more money you risk being "wanted" and if a player kills you they recieve your bounty out of your pocket adding another risk vs reward element to pvp.
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