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  1. See I'm ok with sacrificing damage for a little extra healing, giving you a bit more sustain for the long run.. but in PvP that type of build should not win the majority of marches against a pure damage build of the same class for instance.
  2. I don't know how I missed it earlier but I just now saw the other 8 characters also fighting in the background of the "other" picture!! Awesome 😆
  3. I am almost positive they've stated that 1 character will only have 1 class. Not confirmed however on whether that 1 class will have skill trees to expand or broaden playstyle but... 1 class peer character.
  4. I hope they go the route of X class wears X type of armor and uses X,Y and Z weapons..
  5. Why is that if I may ask? Rangers shouldn't need to be penalized just because there's a second pet class. Until we get some hard feedback on their thoughts of mechanics and abilities these classes will actually have we can only speculate it hope one way or the other.. who knows maybe they intended ranger to have a pet from the beginning.
  6. Jackroyal


    Haha they did merge them! That's really cool actually 😂 @Snowflakex where did you hear that?
  7. Didn't know there was a cap!
  8. O/ I like your games list! Welcome to the forums 🙂 hope to see you out there.
  9. I believe anyone who actually has experience being a full time healer knows this is too true. This is why I titles my member intro "Can't heal stupid" Also, HI @Miti!
  10. These items essentially do exist. The founder packs open up costumes/pets/mounts that will only be available until you can no longer purchase founder packs. So say 2 years from now a new player joining will never get the flame horse founder mount...
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