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  1. I was told June 15th for the removal of the KS stuff.
  2. Do you know if these packs will have the option to be able to save character names/guild names aswell? As they are not so much exclusives.
  3. I would very much like to back Oath and the Readyupstudios team. However with the current amount of content released I am not comfortable in investing presently. I have spent too much money in the past on early access games that have flopped hard or have no release date in sight. My worry is though, that by the time there will be more content and I'll feel comfortable with the fact this game is not just another dream that it will then be far to late to pledge. So my question is mainly, will there be future options to buy packages for those who did not back during the kickstarter (+bonus month). Obviously those packages will not include the kickstarter only rewards (such as the cosmetics/pets)
  4. So a human race with animal ears/tails? Like most eastern MMO's?
  5. This reminds me of the Monk from Diablo, I like the idea alot.
  6. pretty sure there is a guild recruitment discussion thread. Should post in their instead.
  7. Aslong as ranger doesn't include a "ranged" weapon that is just a gun.. And ruin it with guns. It'll be dope.
  8. What class do you main and what do intend on playing? Personally I will be either a Priest first, and my second choice will be a summoner. I've been healing since I started gaming more than 12years ago.
  9. Platypus

    Priest Hopes?

    I hope for the same as Aegice.
  10. Platypus

    Healer Main here

    Title says it all, 99.99% of all games I am healer. Will keep you alive. Casual PvE/Raids/PvP. Can work as a group healer or pocket healer. :) HAPPY TO HEAL!
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