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  1. The discord group has the information that the first alpha version would come out in December 2019, but when the game will be available to the public, not even the developers know
  2. I would find it a lot of fun if the game had a housing system, something like an apartment, where it could store money, furniture, and items. The player could even produce some food inside the house, using a kitchen table or something like that. It would work like this: The player would have to go to an NPC, who would probably be in the center of the city, and pay a certain initial fee. This fee would allow him to have access to a home for a certain amount of time, after that time ends, he would lose access and would have to pay the same amount of gold / silver to have access again. The player could invite friends to enter his house, but it would have a certain limit, not being able to enter more than five or ten players, for example. The player could also make some changes inside his house, such as changing some colors, position of furniture, etc.
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    I was thinking about having a subclass in the game, such as chef or tailor, for example. I believe that this would make each player have its own value and uniqueness, being able to produce specific items that would help other players. Different from the gathering professions, such as fishing and mining, the player's subclass would only do the item production part using the materials acquired from his gather. So, if a player with the chef subclass had gathered a certain amount of fish and plants, or if he had even dropped pieces of meat from some monster, he could make some recipe from his subclass using these materials (as long as he have the required level of the subclass). This would greatly increase the socialization of the game, making players interact more with each other for reasons of negotiation and exchange of equipment. And like the main class, it cannot be changed unless the person creates another character.
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