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  1. Malcolton

    Mage Hopes?

    Elemental builds depending on the strength and weaknesses of the fights/boss fights. Fire, mastery on damage over time water/ice, mastery on crowd control/freezes wind, mastery on mobility and movement earth, mastery in regenerative/hybrid I guess there should also be non elemental attacks too for pure damage like mana blast, mana missile, mana etc before picking mastery. Just my thoughts.
  2. Any one got any idea what the server refresh rate is? I really don't want my character desyncing when I cast fast skill that moves me forward, end up going through my target and getting hit from something I'm not suppose to. I'm not talking about respond time here, ms/ping. Another way would also be called tick rate.
  3. Tera Online on PC. Gotta specify it cuz Tera is on xbox, ps4 and stuff which they made it as different platforms lol
  4. I've been playing Tera Online for a long time, since 2014, and one of the feature development and publisher deny is the use of the DPS Meter created by third party. I love PvE and only focus on PvE aspect in Tera. I cannot PvP in Tera because there are tons of bugs and server desyncs that makes the game not enjoyable for me. I find myself using DPS Meter not only to know how much damage I'm doing, but also to discuss with people on how to best optimized rotation of my skills, explores other classes, and share what I know from discussion with new players. I'm really curious if there is any plan on creating an in game DPS Meter or some form of utility that can teach/help players how to/analyse skill usage. Like hitting a dummy that will show us our DPS or a utility program that we can use to help ourselves.
  5. Malcolton

    Warrior Hopes

    I'm very curious if there is only going to be one damage type for physical damage or not. Such as impact, slash and pierce like Warframe, or just physical damage. Would add a ton more dynamics to the builds.
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