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  1. good idea id be down was gonna stream when beta comes out !
  2. Honestly i Am Looking Forward To EveryThing Iv Seen So Far in Oath And The Hard Word They Have Put in So Far You All Deserve 5⭐'s cant wait for this game to be in beta !!
  3. love all these reply's !! this oath community is awesome !!
  4. Most Games You Have Your 4-6 team mates in the top right corner going down words that shows there health/mana and buffs well maybe add a switch so u can see a damage counter for your team mates 2 or just an endgame dungeon counter that shows damage/healing/damagetaken of every teammate i think this would be a cool feature and those that dont want extra things on there screen that is what the switch is for 🙂 but ik allot of games have addons like this so just having it built it would be amazing !
  5. bobbyownz4

    Warrior Hopes

    Cant Wait To See How Warrior Class is !!
  6. Lets Hear In Some Detail What You Think Is The Perfect MMO -Mounts- -Pets- -Classes- -QuestLine- -PvP- -Dungeons- -World's/Area's- -Monster's- -Professions- -End Game- -PvE- Lets See Those Long Answers
  7. Who's Gonna Be Grinding That Warrior Class And What Other Games Do You Play Warrior Class On Atm 😎😎😎😎😎😎 Game Suggestion Would Be GreatFull To Bored Of The Games I Play Need Sumthing Differnt Till Oath's Out 😄
  8. Cant Wait For Oath To Come Out And Start Grinding Would Love To Have A Group To Start Grinding With When It Comes Out !!
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