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  1. holy shit bruh im bout to buy a crocodile let's go dude
  2. https://kotaku.com/how-over-25-people-got-scammed-into-working-at-a-nonexi-1836834497?rev=1564529438982 The MM effect
  3. Larger issues at hand if you don't know what a karma system is when speaking about MMOs lol
  4. Sounds awful. Classic system of flagging with karma penalties is far better. Simple > complicated, AA and BDO's openworld successes were largely driven by this system.
  5. are you a fractured guild? i've never seen you in any games before
  6. please explain how this relates to the topic of pvp toggling? not sure I quite follow.
  7. Absolutely agree - pvp toggling doesn't make sense for an explicitly openworld game. The risk/reward factor is the thing that drives games with openworlds, being able to negate the risk factor and assure the reward ruins the point.
  8. The largest stretch goal is "Advanced Continent Wars & Monarchies." If that doesn't prove to you that the game is pvp-based, I don't know what to tell you lmfao Man up kid
  9. Giving in to carebears who don't want to participate in PVP ruins openworld games.
  10. flying mounts kill open world games and there is literally no argument against that rofl
  11. assassin cuz i drop kids ingame & irl
  12. Well considering I was the #1 killfame player in beta 2 off of solely ganking and only played to kill gatherers, ganking was definitely not the issue at hand. Ganking after the betas became extremely inefficient (gallop, AA timer after demounting, bubble zoning still working) and release ganking is the weakest the playstyle has ever been. Ganking and it's ramifications have a minuscule effect on the game - the larger issues at hand stem directly from SBI's incompetency when trying to make the game a long term project. For example, their seasons are a laughable excuse for "content" and there have been no meaningful content introductions since launch. The game is stale and died out very quickly due to the emphasis on "the 5 man" of every guild without any true content being available to regular players other than fame farming, gathering, or attempting to kill people openworld. The effects of people dying in the openworld for like 100 4.2 are virtually nonexistent and it's naive to believe ganking is the reason why a should have been successful game completely flopped.
  13. ganking is not what killed albion.
  14. anime is bad lmao retweet
  15. easy

    Hard mode server

    dislike it when player count is forcibly split due to mechanics such as hard mode servers, pve/pvp servers, etc.
  16. easy

    winners only

    thanks brother had to grind for this view
  17. easy

    Welcome to my forum.

    hello this is a wonderful forum !
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