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  1. From the preview of some suggestions, I found one is talking about idea of randomness in blacksmith, I have some details for it: In the Menu, just provide the minimum requirement of making a items, and allow us to add something new (materials) to possibly increase the quality of some status and decrease the quality or the others at the same time. For Example, make a Sword: Basic requirement list: hilt x 1 Main Pure Ore x 3 Or/And Wood Or/And Other Materials Pommel x 1 Main Pure Ore x 3 Or/And Wood Or/And Other Materials Main Pure Ore x 6 From the above materials, one can provide a basic Sword. However, one can design to add more materials than the requirement: hilt x 1 Main Pure Ore > 3 (3 ~4: Small amount of increasing status, 4~10 Nothing Change, >10 become decreasing the status) Or/And Wood Or/And Other Materials Pommel x 1 Main Pure Ore > 3 (3 ~4: Small amount of increasing status, 4~10 Nothing Change, >10 become decreasing the status)Or/And Wood Or/And Other Materials Main Pure Ore > 6 ( 6 ~ 10: Increase the attack damage gradually, 11~20: Increase the attack damage more gradually but reduce the attack speed, Because it is heavier by physics!!, >20 decrease the attack damage and attack speed) Other type of Pure Ore (1~3: Increase the attack damage gradually, Increase the durability of the items, as it become an Alloy) Depend on the ratio of Type A Pure Ore and Type B of Pure Ore to define which is the Main Pure Ore. Material A (Coming from Normal monster) Material B (Coming from Elite Monster) Material C (Coming from Boss) ... From the above example, one can generate the randomness for Material A,B and C, and for the Material that can be harvest/gather from the nature will have a fixed values that shown as above as an example. One can adjust to fit the real situation in the game. One important things that, you can realize that I use Pure Ore for the description because I also think that gathering can be randomness as well, such as: Gathering Copper ore: 70% Purity 50% Purity 30% Purity 100% Purity = Pure Ore The chances for gathering a higher Purity is having a higher gathering skills, which is so basic, but even higher gathering skills, It should be still remain 5% for low purity items but not 0%. Then, in the crafting system, one can automatically calculate the ore that you put in the list, Example: It need Pure Ore x 5: Option A 50% P. x 10 = 0.5 x 10 = 5 Pure Ore Option B 70% P. x 5 + 50% P. x 3 = 0.7 x 5 + 0.5 x 3 = 5 Pure Ore Option C 30% P. x 1 + 70% P. x 1 + 50% P. x 2 +100% P. x 3 = 0.3 x 1 + 0.7 x 1 + 0.5 x 2 +1 x 3 = 5 Pure Ore Actually, I will just ignoring the Purity can be the combination of 2 type of Ore (30% of Copper and 70% of iron) , but we can think of it. The above suggestions for me is that: It provide a huge possibility for Player to try and think. (Thinking in the game is a good thing for player, using your brain when playing the game is enjoyable ,especially you create a epic weapon after think a lot of the possibility, which will make you feel successfully in the game) The crafting system will become more complicated but more fun when compare with other game. Remarks: 1. In the item list, just show the minimum requirement, and NOT show any other things, NOT show a "?", NOT show a "?" with a shadow shape of the materials, because finding the results will be fun. However, one can allow some hints for the description of the materials itself, Example: Material A Description: It is a common materials that comes from (Monster Name), it might be helpful for crafting the sword or bow, but not sure how much do we need put, but it is so heavier, so may be not too much. 2. In order to have a record, please having a history list for the players, ever time the player create a new items, one can be allowed to click the history and see the status and materials that used. Otherwise, people will not like it, because it is just a game, no one wanna take notes for a game 🤣🤣🤣. Actually, I have more ideas when I writing this suggestions, but I just keep in mind, and I hope the Game designer can think about that. As I was already play the games for a long time since 6 years old (Primary 1) and almost 20 years (Don't Calculate my Age !!), so I hold I can help for providing some suggestions.
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