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  1. Bro, its a fantasy universe where people can summon lightning, fireballs and mystical creatures. Im fairly sure people summoning a fucking arrow is pretty viable. I kinda like your idea of not recycling armour every x amount of levels as this is just annoying and seems like a waste of time on both the dev and player ends as the usual "low-tier" armour is just never used past the levels that you earn it at.
  2. The rest of this argument is down to personal opinion honestly but this statement is just not true. For the game to have an "Advanced Continent Wars & Monarchy" system, there is no way in hell its a PvE game.
  3. I think world bosses are the kind of thing where anyone should be able to join the fight. Your idea of "When one guild/party whatever kills it, no one else can kill it until it respawns" seems naive, I think this would cause the same few powerhouse guilds to kill the boss every time it spawned, disallowing other players from EVER defeating it. Even if there is an element of randomness, the same guilds would have enough players to reach there ASAP and defeat it. I also dislike your suggestion of bosses in PvP zones, I'd get enough shit from guild/party/raid leaders, I don't wanna worry about a bunch of dumbasses killing me at the same time. Also my suggestions for loot distribution of world bosses: Most Damage Dealt Most Damage Taken/Tanked Most Health Healed Last/First Hit Bonuses Semi-Random awards based on % damage dealt, no leeches.
  4. This just strikes me as terrible, why should players be able to earn the same things in different places at different difficulties? Surely players that want gear earned in PvP Zones should just buy it via market or trading?
  5. I think the idea of having to mimic weapon shapes wont work, players will just macro to get perfect scores making the whole system pointless. Some form of blacksmithing about finding correct ratios of materials to create stronger swords, mixed with a slight element of randomness seems to be the better idea for me.
  6. I like the idea of having a trading district, but this idea seems wayyy too messy and eye-cancer inducing for the time that Oath will be released. My suggestions would be to add the following: A trading district, public market and private player-rented stalls. Trading District A zone for players to enter in order to find other players (and npcs?) to trade their items with Hopefully the chat system will be designed to prevent whatever mess is happening in the images on OP's post. Public Market Similar style to most mmos (bdo for example) A stall players can visit to buy items from other players that have listed them there The player selling the items pays are % cut (5-10%) as fees for using the market Rented Stalls Very good feature for a game that promises strong life-skilling, e.g. a blacksmith sets up a stall to sell their weapons Players pay a price based on location/popularity of the spot Players sell their items from the stall with no % cut as they OWN the store
  7. Dag's idea seems to be an overcomplicated karma system with some GTA5 type passive mode, a simpler karma system with drawbacks for players that lose too much karma would be more likely to prevent most ganking, from what I've seen in MMO's such as BDO for example. Overcomplicating a system meant to cause detrimental effects to players just makes it easier to abuse and exploit.
  8. You can't combat teaming in any good way other than making the rewards split equally/give reduced rewards, which most people wouldn't mind as they'd easily accept that for the added safety. BUT, as the whole world wont be PvP I'd say its fair to say that when you go to the PvP-Zones its a risk that you've gotta accept, you either try solo it or get your own team, the game IS supposed to be community based after all.
  9. When a player intiates open-world PvP they lose an amount of karma, if the initiator then kills the other player they lose a larger amount of karma. Once you are below a certain level of karma you are flagged (until you regain the karma) and lose certain privilages, e.g. loss of experience, can be pvped in safe-zones, ability to communicate with NPC's.
  10. thomas

    Pvp dungeons

    I think it sounds like a huge mess if the PvP element is players fighing each other, and mobs, as they progress through a dungeon. It just comes across as a horrible idea if all I'm told is "PvP dungeon", once its elaborated on a bit more maybe I could change my mind.
  11. thomas


    Why would you want to remove fantasy elements from an MMORPG?? I thought the whole point of MMORPG's is to take you out of reality.
  12. thomas


  13. If the level-cap was increased how would this affect the aura? Other than that I like the base of the idea, unlockables like these are great little niches for collectors and really add inspiration to grind and do those extra side-quests.
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