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  1. Howdy @HaptikFeedback! Welcome to the forums
  2. Welcome to the community!
  3. I love(d) ArcheAge! Welcome to the Forums @Rush
  4. If you want to help, I suggest reaching out to Steven on Discord! Welcome aboard.
  5. I started a thread about character customization here: Someone posted a screenshot from Steven confirming a character customization program being released asap!
  6. Another ArcheAge refugee! Welcome to the Oath forums.
  7. I'm an advocate for engaging and challenging dungeon content that rewards exploration and possibly taking risks! I also think that while Need before Greed rolling has its issues, it's probably my favorite method of distributing loot within a dungeon setting (assuming it's a PuG).
  8. The only "loot box" I'm cool with is the box of loot at the end of a dungeon
  9. (ArcheAge housing zone) Hello all! Seeing as how we'll have access to crafting and farming throughout the world, I was curious as to what the likelihood of player housing may be (or perhaps the overall interest for this possibility)... What are some games that you think succeed in having cool housing systems? Should housing be within the open world (E.G. ArcheAge) or instanced (E.G. Wildstar / Wizard101)? Why or why wouldn't you like to see player housing? How customizable should player houses be, should the system be implemented (colors, furniture, orientation, decor, item scale, etc)? Discuss!
  10. +1 from me, I'd love to see something in place that merits PvP in areas (or merits flagging for PvP in all areas) beyond "Because I can".
  11. Are you hoping to see limited availability on player protected land like ArcheAge (E.G. there's only so much space in the open world for a player to claim a plot) or some form of instanced farming/housing like how Wildstar did it (Because it's instanced, everybody has the opportunity to utilize the system if they choose)? I do like the idea of sharing land (both games I mentioned have interesting systems for this), but I don't want to see a repeat of the ArcheAge house bots stealing land and selling back for profit (or exploiting other players because they have no other choice).
  12. I've been enjoying Divinity Original Sin 2 as of late, snagged it on sale during the Steam Summer event. I mostly game with my friends, but when nobody's around I find myself playing Dota Underlords with Netflix or Youtube on my other monitor.
  13. Sure beats right-clicking the water and watching a fish appear in my inventory-- I'm in! I'd love to see interactive systems in other life skills and crafting too.
  14. I think it's an interesting concept but I feel it will, over time, create an imbalance of gear distribution as time goes on. Surely we can't all be dealing the most Damage (for instance), but if the player in first is receiving the best loot for Damage then they will only continue to be the best while players behind them see a larger and larger gap begin to form. To a hardcore player, this could be fun-- but to a casual player, it may feel unfair to them as time goes on.
  15. I do like the idea of crafting with interactive systems beyond hitting "make item" and watching a duration bar count down (in blacksmithing and even other professions!). What @thomas said about macroing could theoretically be combatted by adding an element of randomness to this system which may even make it more fun to interact with, and make crafting less repetitive. :)
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