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  1. They haven't mentioned anything about a delay, but it's always possible. Closed Alpha 1, according to their plans, will be available in Dec 2019. To get access you need to purchase the $500 pack on https://pledge.readyupstudios.com.
  2. Mako

    New change idea?

    Small rant, because I just see this sort of "muh immersion" post too often. I think that if you want something so minor to be realistic, you might aswell not play games. Besides, the arrow/rune system only really works for games such as (OS)Runescape or Maplestory. Not for an action combat MMORPG like Oath. Honestly, every game is unrealistic, Life is Strange for example has the characters store items up their bum when they pick them up. Respawning is unrealistic, mages themselves are unrealistic, I can name a million other things. Why do you guys draw the line at arrows? I hope you also realize that it's not realistic to take 100+ arrows with you. This means that if you're fighting a boss for 5-10 minutes, you will run out of arrows in the first two minutes.
  3. I do not think that hardcore mechanics like impact on death will be good for the game. If end game content is really challenging you could die so many times that you will end up on level 1 after a learning run. Not only would this end up making a lot of players quit, but it would also just be a bad concept and hard to balance. Honestly, even losing a few levels just for trying to get better at harder content sounds like a pain to me. There's also boss mechanics that might encourage toxicity, some examples: not killing the boss in time and the whole party/raid wipes, DPS checks, Healer debuff in time or boss becomes really powerful. This encourages toxicity, because whoever didn't do their mechanic right, caused a wipe to the party. This means that this system could also possibly limit the amount of combat mechanics that can be added to the game.
  4. Mako

    Pvp dungeons

    If someone wants to do a dungeon, why would they want to do PvP? Just sounds like a frustrating experience to me.
  5. Mako


    As long as nobody can oneshot or chain CC and kill you right after stealth I'm fine with it. It doesn't matter if rogues are squishy and easy to kill, I just don't want to walk around and get killed without seeing it coming
  6. I also agree. It seems kind of counter productive to give a ranged class, melee weapons or skills. I'd love to see maybe some sort of close up CC skill when someone does get close, but apart from that it should be just ranged skills.
  7. It has been confirmed that this game will use the holy trinity system. We will have Tanks, DPS and Healers that are all going to do the things they are supposed to do. I really do hope that they will find a perfect way to balance classes and also make them more enjoyable to play in groups. This is how I would do it: 1. Every party will need atleast a tank and healer to get through dungeons, for raids make that multiple tanks and healers. 2. Pure tanks should do about 30-40% damage compared to DPS if they play their class well. Brawlers, Kung fu master, etc. should do about 75-90%. 3. Tanks and healers need some skills for survivability (Like a shield aura for 5-10 seconds that stops incoming damage until its broken, this could block maybe 1 attack from a boss). This makes it so that you also don't have to rely on only one class. 4. Healers need to be able to move around quick and cast heals on multiple people. I'd love to also see healers being able to resurrect fallen teammates too, depending on how difficult PvE will be. 5. Healers and tanks need damage or damage skills to get through solo content if they want to do quests for example. Doing this will end up making combat feel unique and balanced. Tanks and healers will be a necessity in group content and fun, while DPS also stays enjoyable to play.
  8. My thoughts were that the beam could easily be countered as the healer can't move while they use that skill. It seems to me that using the beam is high risk, high reward. DPS will be able to get free hits on the already squishy healer.
  9. It seems kind of weird to give a healer class that's supposed to heal a big damage skill. Most tanks in the games I have played have a lack of burst damage but more CC to deal with people, so they also have their own usefulness. Counter on tanks sounds great, not sure about the healing debuff (unless it's cleansable).
  10. You didn't really explain what raids are, you just explained how the rewards work and what raids can consist of. I'd agree with things like loot scaling on the difficulty, but those kind of things speak for themselves and are a necessity in a PvE focused MMORPG. For your last point, you can't really find who put in the most effort and it will almost always end up unfair. The higher geared players will almost always get the best loot and the people that actually need it won't, because better gear means more damage, better heals, etc. My personal suggestion is taking ideas from core parts of similar good PvE focused games (like Tera) and refine it into an even more enjoyable system.
  11. How is fighting NPCs that respawn in a cartoon-like world with meteors randomly being generated by mages fine, but if it's about an archer not needing ammo it suddenly breaks "your immersion". I never get these kind of complaints. You could even be creative yourself if "immersion" ruins it for you, for example the arrows are made with mana on the spot and the stronger the arrow the more mana you need.
  12. Mobs and Hob Gob'lins I can only speak for Tera as I have a lot of hours and experience with that game. I agree that mobs have been made way too easy, however the dungeons and raids actually scale really well in difficulty. Without having a really good raid Harrowhold was impossible to do and you'd only be able to clear the easiest phases. The higher Ilevel dungeons have also been really hard to beat without a good party, having a bad tank or healer would cause you to wipe almost always and you'd never get anywhere. Character Classes: Classes should not be made in big numbers, I don't want them to put out classes in quantity. I want them to put them out in quality. Having 40 classes where only 4 of them feel nice to play and are well balanced is a waste of development time. I'd rather have 8 good structured classes that feel good to play and are really well balanced.
  13. The game is based around both PvE and PvP guys, it's true that they are more focused on PvE though (This was mentioned in Discord). Imo having a toggle PvP ruins the risk/reward and gives nobody a reason to go to these PvP zones, which is why it wouldn't work for Oath.
  14. Mako

    Warrior Hopes

    Warrior tank The most important part for me is giving the warrior tank some damage. Tanks are already rare in a lot of mmos, I doubt anyone wants to play a tank that barely hits over a healer's DPS. I'd say being able to put out about half the damage of a decent DPS class would work really well. For gameplay, I'd like a way to block and chain into other skills after doing a succesful block and counter attacking. It should feel soothing to play and not about just randomly mashing buttons. Maybe have a lot of rotations with different cooldowns so there is still some variety and have all skills give some sort of use. I'd like a tank to have atleast 1 debuff on the enemy, some sort of way to aggro multiple mobs or a boss and multiple ways to CC players/mobs to keep them in line (Without CC on a tank class, you'll be useless in PvP). Warrior DPS As for warrior DPS, I'll also be looking at them as some sort of Kirito (Class with Dual swords that is very agile and fast). I'm talking about a class that has a lot of IFrames, ways to move around quickly and is very deadly when fighting a slow based class. As for bossfights their only weakness should be that they have to time to Iframes and move correctly, since the class and skills should be fast. This means that if a boss is doing an attack and they didn't pay attention, they will accidently move up in a wrong spot and get killed.
  15. Mako

    Fist Fighter Class

    Sounds like the brawler class from Tera, something like a DPS Tank that can only keep aggro if you do a decent amount of damage.
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