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    Fist Fighter Class

    Oh yessss KFM! Yeah, it looked like offtank at first, but there were very few skilled players that could actually properly tank with it, but you are totally right that there was really no defined classed whatsoever ^^
  2. Dash

    Fist Fighter Class

    Tbh I personally find the "brawler/fist" kind of hero most suited to be the old KungFu Fighter (was it called like this?) on B&S. Tank class based on iframes and counterblocks, that class required some real skill. I hope they stay away from the fist = dps stuff, and approach a tanky-style gameplay like B&S ^^
  3. To be honest, the only real good concept of flying mounts are the automated flight paths from WoW/Tera "Classic". (AKA before adding flying mounts) They do not ruin the fun and/or the game. They take profit of the vertical maps and show you nice views while travelling to the desired city. You can as well see the other players doing the same flight path as you. You go faster than doing autopath on a horse like BDO but still get the enjoyment of the flight. Easy solution. AND AND AND AND!!!! What they should TOTALLY do is adding CUSTOM SKINS for the automated flight mount (aka gryffins, pegasus, etc). If you want to buy one of these skins for your travels, good, if not, stick with the default and gg.
  4. Imho, just go P2P subscription based, period. Probably somewhere between 8 ~ 13€ monthly would be accessible for everyone. For the Kickstarter packs (and future packs to come), give them X monthly access depending on each pack and the perks already included. For example: 25€ = All Rewards 50€ = All Rewards + 1 Month 100€ = All Rewards + 2 Months ... Since 2 Months it's too "little" for the 100€ considering you are paying 100€ (which you are getting worth from Oath Tokens + Kickstarter Exclusive Perks + CB Acess, etc.), ReadyUpStudios can focus on decreasing the Oath Tokens in each pack but gradually increasing the Months game-time, resulting in: 25€ = All Rewards (1250 750 Oath Tokens) + 1 Month 50€ = All Rewards (2500 1250 Oath Tokens) + 3 Months 100€ = All Rewards (5000 2500 Oath Tokens) + 5 Months ... (I'm too tired to do the proper maths, besides the fact we still don't really know how much worth 1 Oath Token is in real-life currency, but I hope you get the point of what I'm trying to say). Again, this is just an opinion and what I suggested is only one way to approach it in case ReadyUpStudios considers changing their game model from F2P to P2P subscription based. To be honest with you, I think that the Cosmetic Shop is and will NOT be enough to keep the game alive. I trully hope I am wrong but regardless of what happens, I hope they are able to switch back (one way or another) before it's too late.
  5. It's fate that your xbox died 🙂 Now you can strive for peace in the forums hehe ^^ Welcome back to the PC master race world lul
  6. The warrior was not carrying enough food to save them and the vast majority of the people could barely stand, needless to say walk...
  7. Dash

    Priest Hopes?

    A wise man 🙂
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