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  1. I'm curious as to how the vote point system will be kept fair. For example I bought the $500 pledge which entitles me to 6 vote points which is great and all but what is stopping someone from buying 3 $25 pledge packs and instantly having a bigger say and input than myself in the community despite only having spent less than 20% of what I did? How will vote points work and will people buying multiple cheap packs opposed to one bigger one have them at a significant imbalance when it comes to voting on future development of the game?
  2. Having a single server similar to Albion Online would be nice although I understand if logistically that's not possible. I'm a fellow Australian as well and would love to play without being forced into an NA server like most other games.
  3. There's a video already available.
  4. Baxterious

    Art style

    Just here to say that I love the current art style that videos of the game show. I know that current 3D models were said to be temporary but I'm really hoping that the style stays the same. The polygon count and colours used on models gives the game a really unique atmosphere and feel.
  5. Let's see what everyone's favourite colour is. 😉
  6. Let the chaos begin.
  7. Unsure of whether I'll be posting Oath content yet. I'll make a decision once the game is in a playable state. For now here's my Instagram
  8. I don't think we have the intellect or patience for this game.
  9. until the giant goblin appeared.
  10. Since the chat was derailed a little bit, let's start again.
  11. Baxterious

    Lie to me.

    #3 because if that's the truth you're trying to flex on random internet strangers which is weird. #1 I am a teacher. #2 I am a vegan. #3 I am under the age of 25.
  12. Of this forum game, I'm not sure. I think it is a bore.
  13. Hmm I can't replicate it on my Google Pixel 3 XL.
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