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  1. Well seeing as how lizard races are very hard to come by, I can't play them a lot. However, if they are an option in a game they are usually the only race I'll ever go anywhere near (such as Argonians). In wows case, I go Tauren or Worgen
  2. Gaaaatoraaaade.... Gaaaaaaatoorraaaaade...... *sings* Waaaaater sucks! It really really sucks!
  3. How do you guys want to see this work? I like the idea of a consistent progression system, similar to the new Ablion Online, ESO, combined with trees like old school wow. Any ideas?
  4. Biglizard56

    Priest Hopes?

    I want a priest with a big hammer. Basically a paladin
  5. Fair enough. See, I like the model because it's optional. If you don't want the craft bag and access to the dlc then fine, you don't have to sub. You can buy the dlc that you want and call it a day. But, for $15 USD a month you get access to the dlc, infinite craft bag and some coins to spend in the shop. Unlike wow sub model where you pay for the game, and then are forced to sub in order to play the thing you just paid for
  6. I am of the opinion that a model similar to ESO would do this game a lot of good. Base game should be purchased (if you have not already backed the Kickstarter of course) for say, $29.99 USD. That gets you into the game and unlocks most of the content and from there you get the option to okay for free. Then, there can be a sub model. The subscription could get you a few quality of life options (extra storage, faster leveling, access to future dlc areas for story content). And then of course having a cosmetics shop would too it all off. In the cosmetics there can be maybe items to make crafting easier, special mounts, emotes, non "game breaking" items that would ultimately make one person more powerful than another just because one wanted to buy convenience vs the one who works for it.
  7. I cannot wait to see more playable races! The artwork is beautiful!
  8. Psh Khajiit could never compare the most amazing race ever conceived; the glorious Argonian! Hahah
  9. Customization! Making a character look exactly how I'd want it. Hopefully a bestial race type of priest in long leathers or something riding off to the next quest
  10. I've been playing a lot of ESO lately. The story telling in that game is... So good.
  11. Ok! Now that I have your attention, hello! It's nice to meet you all! My name is Skyy and I am thrilled to be here! Let's see, what to put here? I have been a long time fan of MMOs. I have played.... So many..... So so many over the years. My first MMO was RuneScape followed by WoW Burning Crusade and let me tell you, it's been an age and a day since I've played anything close to either if their majesty. I've played Aion, Tera, Guild Wars, to name a few. Right now I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online as I await the next best thing (and for a while I honestly thought it was going to be Ashes of Creation HA! Shame on me right?). I hope to meet a lot of cool peeps on this new adventure!
  12. That feeling of an actual adventure again, where there are walls to bash your head against, rinse and repeat until you do it better and better. Encounters that encourage players to reach out to one another to overcome in meaningful ways. A feeling of actual character progression where everything that I do has some sort of impact to how my character functions in the world. A rich pve with lore to really sink my teeth into
  13. I'm not sure exactly how they plan to design their classes, but I'm sure we can all agree that there is a lot of different ways that it can be done. And while we can only speculate at this time, I figure we could start a conversation on one particular area of the class design here; specifically that of "What weapons can this class use and how does it affect my gameplay?" In games such as World of Warcraft, the weapons that one could use on specific classes used to make a lot of difference. Warriors with dual 2H swords had slightly different stats that those with dual 1H axes. Mages and priests could use a state as well as have a wand in their pocket. Enhancement shaman's could use a might 2h mace, dual 1H or even sword and shield. These days however, weapon choice makes very little difference and in fact, classes are now locked into specific ones depending on your specialization. This makes gameplay.... Very stale compared to what we once had. In Elder Scrolls Online we see the exact opposite of this. All classes have access to all weapons at any given time and their skills/abilities/passives are then built around the one or two you specifically wish to use. A Dragon knight using a 2H front bar and a Bow back bar played very differently than a DK with dual destroy staves. This however leads to many builds looking and feeling very similar to each other across all classes. All bow builds need Hail and Razor Caltrops. All Magicka builds need Wall of Elements. You have varying degrees of similarity but, it's there nonetheless and this too creates a feeling of "cookie cutter" builds. These are a few examples of extremes that I've come across in my time. Personally, I would love to have a sort of ESO type weapon system where a Priest or mage could be just as useful in combat with a sword or even maybe a bow, than they are with a stave or wand. Though, rather than have abilities in a pool that everyone has access to associated with a specific weapon, perhaps the class itself should have a couple spells focused around the weapon type. This would mean a lot if extra work and it's only an idea, but I'd hate to see this game go the way of WoW and lock you to one or two specific weapon types based on your class. Thoughts? Opinions?
  14. I would be all over a priest if they allowed it to have up close combat, like a paladin type
  15. Oh man... Where to even begin with this one? I think, the type of cosmetics that I have wanted to see in any mmo and has only been done once from what I can remember, is to have a way to alter the color of spells. An example of this, is World of Warcraft and the Warlock Green Fire Quest. Players would go on a long, challenging, and tedious quest line to unlock the ability to change the color of their fire from red to green. To see this implemented in a way that say, for example, you can be a mage using blue fire, would be the most amazing thing I could possibly think of. And attaching this to a quest chain would make it feel so rewarding.
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