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  1. There are couple of things I would like to see this game get implement: Hit/damage recoil: When you hit a mob or fire magic, there must be hit recoil done to your enemy that cause them to flinch or get push back creating a more real dynamic to the game. Like for example, in your video that was shown, the fire breath that the pyromancer used. the opponent should get push back when fire breath hit them while suffering minor burn if they leave/push back by the fire breath. Lets face it, it is call a breath for a reason and should incorporate more real life dynamic. This make the game feel real. When you attack, your weapon should bounce and only cause a scar on your opponent character model if your base attack is lower than your opponent defense causing your attack to bounce off. If you critical hit, your attack should slice through instead of bounce off and blood will show and the scar damage on your opponent should look realistic. I hate game where your character slice and dice the opponent and the opponent stand there like a statue and your sword just went through your enemy body as if your opponent body is made of jelly. An example is Monster hunter where if your weapon sharpness is green and your opponent defense is high, your hit will bounce off and not cut through. This is to prevent spamming the attacking button as if every attack can cut through your opponent body like jelly. Equipment: I hate recycling Armor every 3-5 level. Like for example, Dungeon open at level 10, you get a set of armor when you farm that dungeon and when you hit level 15, you get another set of armor and at level 20 you get another set, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. This kinda of mechanism is very bland. I don't want to cycle through armor every 5 level. Make equipment armors unique. Armor should be able to be dye different color, put unique design onto the armor, equipment small accessories on to the armor to make it look different like for example: remove the should pad and add spike, add cape or scarf. Could wear 10 ring since you do have 10 finger. If dual wield, each weapon is different and you could wear different kind on each hand. Weapon and armor should degrade and wear over time while using and getting hit. Changing the weapon looks by removing parts of the weapon: For example: the sword, there are the Blade, pommel, grip, cross-guard, ricasso, sword strap, hilt ring. You could mix and match each to create unique weapon looks. Ranging/Archering: There should be arrows needed in order to attack. The idea of infinite arrow like most mmorpg now a day is funny. Arrow head can be customize into different looks with different effects. If you look at online there are different type of arrow head. I believe there are like like 28 of them. You could recycle them if you pick them up. arrow head and shaft should had durability so when the shaft is broken you could remove and replace the shaft. If the arrow head is blunted, You could pick it up and use it as scrap to refine some iron bar. Breaking down material into simple form item: Like for example, you got some broken weapon or scraps and you decide not to repair or use them. You could reove them into parts or further desynthesis them into ingredients like metal, leather, and etc.. ,
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