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  1. tbh, im not worried. The devs have said they wont do any p2w stuff, and judging by how close they are with the community, i trust em.
  2. One one hand, itd be cool to fly and see the game from above. On the other, itd be way too easy once u got a flying mount. Theres a game i play called ark, where there are flying mounts, which is one of the reasons i would argue it actually gets easier in many ways later game. Maybe fine for a survival game, but not an mmorpg. But i think there should be some way to see the land from the sky, whatever that is.
  3. AlphaWolf464

    Rogue Hopes

    Imo there should be some stealth. However, i think the focus should be on mobility, because too much stealth could be annoying. Maybe a few skills with stealth, but the majority should be mobility related imo. As for ideas for stealth skills, i think one could be invisibility, but it cant be used for a period of time after taking damage. This way its only an ambush, not an escape. This could be something to test atleast, but there is a very real possibility it would be too hard to balance, and that's perfectly understandable. Also, there could be some stealth mechanics other than straight up invisibility. I would qualify this as stealth, if the term is used liberally, what if you could create a clone illusion. That could allow you to get away, or make opponents unable predict from which way the attack is coming, or either if they want.
  4. I would definitely say limited stealth, and that most of the slippery nature of the class should come from mobility rather than stealth.
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