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  1. I would LOVE to see flying mounts. Id like to see them as an end game item and maybe endurance based? So they don’t fly forever. I also don’t want a glide system 🙂 real flying.
  2. There are so many cool ways to do this! There’s the FF11 method or the pending mmo Peria Chronicles method. Both valid and engaging. What I really want to see though is an achievement based summoner system. I’d like a system that rewards hard work. Maybe a quest string that unlocks a summon? Or since this is a sandbox, maybe a discovery system to unlock summons? Maybe, go to the top of this mountain and ‘trap’ this guy to unlock him as a summon? Find a random world spawn? I also think an existing summon should drain your mana/health/whatever. Maybe the stronger the summon , the greater the drain? Afterthought: maybe a pixie summon type system? Buffs/heals/debuffs? It really depends on if we went the summon to be the featured character or our own character to be what is featured.
  3. I really enjoy reading the different introductions and seeing the different type of players this game appeals to. I look forward to meeting you in-game.
  4. Honestly, I just want to be ganked by you. What a great intro hahaaa.
  5. Hey’o - Veteran MMO player and career noob! I’ve learned the power of Reeee and recently INB4 (which still confuses me). I enjoy building non cancerous communities and fun PvP. My biggest draw is an opportunity to build a community and Guild. It’s where I have the most fun. I’ve founded a handful of excellent communities that are still thriving today. I hope I have a chance to interact with some great communities - PvP oriented or otherwise. Im really excited to see where this game goes. I hope they stick to their ideals and don’t let twitch or YouTube dictate their finished product.
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