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    Priest Hopes?

    Do you know if Prot Monk exists in GW2? I was going to get into it but there's no real enjoyable Support role
  2. TLDR is for nerds remove at once >:c
  3. Yeah like in Albion, to make the best gear you only need to gather the materials & make it, there's no real "grind" to it aside from the grind of getting your gathering up. But if it's full loot and I lost a staff that took me 106 raid tries to get, then wtf
  4. Progression is pretty linear Start with random quest gear -> dungeon -> dungeon -> raid -> better raid -> raids -> new quest gear that comes out -> dungeon -> and so forth So if I lose a staff from Dungeon #4, I can just get gear from Dungeon #3 or Craft it and re-farm Dungeon #4 etc. Yeah it's purely based on how they do progression and such, I'm excited to see how they handle both that and PVP
  5. Yeah in a pure full-loot, then a vendor just to show off about how much players you've killed with a fancy hat is more than enough, only cosmetics & stuff like that to showboat In Project Ascension their pvp death system in High Risk is done very well, you just lose some of the items in your inventory and a chance to lose some of your equipment, you can insure your equipment so if that particular item was going to drop, you lose it's worth in gold instead
  6. The only reason I'd enjoy a PVP vendor is under two circumstances. 1) In a full loot environment and the vendor is for purely cosmetic stuff to show PVP prowess via fancy hats or pets. 2) In a non-full loot environment and the vendor is a viable way to be rewarded for PVP, wheter it be materials, better gear upgrade etc. But in both, there still needs to be a penalty for people dying in PVP, in full-loot that'd be you losing all your stuff. In a vendor world, there's a private server called "Project Ascension" they also do their PVP death system nicely, you lose some stuff from your inventory & a chance to lose your equipment, but you can insure up to 2 or 3 pieces of equipment so they're never lost & that you lose gold instead. I could be behind a system like that aswell.
  7. yeah but on the other side of coin, if they don't have full-loot zones and the rewards you get for kills is something like "pvp tokens" that you can spend at a pvp vendor, if said vendor is completely underwhelming then it kills the PVP community as there's no real reward for it, full loot negates that in which you earn what you kill ya know?
  8. But like in games with Albion with Full Loot in certain zones, you only take gear to those zones you can afford to lose. A singular continent in the game with unconditional full-loot I would be more than happy with even if the rest of the continents are just some of your inventory drops & you suffer equipment damage or something. It all depends on how they do their numbers, if I can bring the best gear & be a complete and utter god to people in lesser gear & completely unkillable in that zone because my equipment far outweighs 15 guys in a lesser tier, then yes, there's problems there. But if I can take a fight with one or two other guys in my team and kill someone who is in 2 or 3 tiers above mine, then I think that's okay.
  9. What you said completely misses the point of the post, and my reply. Ganking doesn't hurt the game, you WILLINGLY go into full loot, dangerous zones in search of better materials, you being ganked, you can't blame that on the game, you blame yourself. Different zones having different rules for loot is the best in my opinion, the higher tier is like blackzone, way more riskier but way more potential for rewards if you survive, zones like the blue zone have basic tiers but no open pvp, no risk, no rewards. Zones like yellow / red have circumstantial risks, only if someone has the Outlaw job, is flagged for pvp, is in a pvp zone within that tile, then they can openly attack you, this zone has high end medium / low end high rewards like T4 - T6 in albion.
  10. Same rules as albion, depends on the zone If you're out in the Outlands, it's full loot If you're in a "red zone", you'd need to have negative rep or flagged as an Outlaw to freely attack regular players and it's also full loot If you're in a "safe pvp zone", you'd only lose some of your stuff etc
  11. Jessica

    Rogue Hopes

    (Going to just start a topic on all classes so people can have a central topic to just dump their hopes into if devs want to skim them for ideas) As someone who played Rogue for awhile in World of Warcraft, Nightblade in Elder Scrolls Online and Ninja in Final Fantasy 14 I highly enjoy the single target debuff that comes with it, poisons, sleeps, disembowels, slicing tendons to lower movement and attack speed whilst dishing out incredibly high single target damage. I hope some of the aspects make it into the game, bunch of stealth and some high as HECK single target damage! Please reply with some of your own personal hopes!
  12. Jessica

    Warrior Hopes

    (Going to just start a topic on all classes so people can have a central topic to just dump their hopes into if devs want to skim them for ideas) As someone who's never played Warrior before, please post your hopes here!
  13. Jessica

    Summoner Hopes?

    (Going to just start a topic on all classes so people can have a central topic to just dump their hopes into if devs want to skim them for ideas) As someone who's never played Summoner before in any game, please give your hopes here!
  14. Jessica

    Mage Hopes?

    (Going to just start a topic on all classes so people can have a central topic to just dump their hopes into if devs want to skim them for ideas) As someone who rarely played much mage outside of an Illusionist in Dungeons and Dragons & Chronomancer in Guild Wars 2, what are some hopes people have for how magic is handled in this game?
  15. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    Isn't that the true end-game for healers?
  16. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    no fuck that, let me have 12 hotbars with 12 abilities on each so I can fully utilize my keyboard /s
  17. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    I hope the devs don't implement a themepark class system in which that if you choose Healer, you have only these 5, 6 abilities and there's no extra stuff you can get forcing you into a singular playstyle. If there is a system that you can choose your own abilities, passives & form your own playstyle then I'd be hyped as HECK
  18. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    That's what discipline priest is in warcraft, you put a buff on allies and they are healed for a percentage of your damage
  19. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    That could be a very good way of doing it, or even if it's like classic world of warcraft where you could just pick and choose your passives & abilities and form your own builds
  20. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    If it's the same as Disc Priest then RIP my entire life, Disc Priest is my favorite type of healing ever, just pure damage mitigation rather than healing itself. (Stephen please)
  21. Jessica

    Priest Hopes?

    As someone who will probably main a priest in the game, what are people hoping the play style is like? I'm personally hoping for stuff with Damage Mitigation & Buffing allies over just raw healing. What are some people whom are going to play priests thoughts and hopes for the class?
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