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  1. Welcome Alex, Seems like youre a veteran of mmos ''^.^ Greetings, Rosinante
  2. Welcome Reckon, What other MMOs do you have your eyes on 🙂 ? Greetings, Rosinante
  3. Welcome Haptik 🙂 i too am heavily excited where this game goes 😄 ! Cheers, Rosinante
  4. Heyo there, Currently playing oldschool runescape and sometimes casually smash ultimate 😄
  5. Heyo fellow oath members, Stumbled upon this game some time ago and finally decided to pledge. The name's Rosinante or Ruby (my irl nickname), I'm 23 from Switzerland and extremely content to join this community! I do not know much yet but I'm eager to learn. As of now I'm not in a guild, neither do I know how all that stuff works but I'll get there eventually! I'd be happy to join one, so reply or shoot me a DM on discord if I may join.😄 (Discord: Mala#7373) In most mmorpgs I've taken on the role as Supporter/Healer and Tank/DD as secondary or no secondary at all. I enjoy the healing aspect of mmorpgs (specially action combat mmos!), but I feel like not many games have a decent healer class, which I found enjoyable to play. Perhaps I just haven't found the right one? Who knows... Anyway, I cannot wait to join this adventure with you all! Cheers, Rosinante
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