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  1. I agree, a archer dont need melee skills maybe he has a dagger to disembowel after a fight but not in the fight mainly.
  2. Keragi

    Summoner Hopes?

    In my opiniom a summoner do not realy fight, he has a pet, no, its more a friend who protects him, the summoner call the movements from the pet and his skills and a few own skills to support the pet in fight, as a summoner i hope you are more a puppet master but in friendship with your Companion.
  3. Keragi

    Rogue Hopes

    I hope for a simple warrior spec more dps and lower dmg by hit fast dashes and full pve functionallity, we have enough games with pvp assassins. Maybe lesser armor than a warrior but lifeleech on weapon, somethink like that.
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