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  1. Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Completely agree. I hope its smooth and they nail it. I have good faith too though.
  3. Liquid

    I'm Snow

    ello Snow πŸ‘‹
  4. I really hope its impactful, if not it could just feel like any other MMO out there.
  5. Crown is a new EU, PVE/PVP focused guild formed by experienced MMO players of 15+ years. We are looking for dedicated but fun players to join our roster, and grow with us. We play various games, from WoW, to FFXIV, Ragnarok, ESO, FFXI, GW2, etc. If you are interested in joining, please comment below. We do not expect *Hardcore* players, only friendly and MMO - Experienced players. You must also be active, not only in the game, but in our discord also. Don't be afraid to join in and voice your own opinion to shape the guild! - Have Discord - Be Friendly - Be able to take SOME banter - Speak English - Be active! As I said before, you can comment below if you have interest, alternately you can join our discord using the link below. -Searching for members - Searching for Officers, if you are interested in this role, please join the discord and check the Officer Application channel https://discord.gg/BA2VkDc πŸ‘‘Thanks and see you all soon in the game!πŸ‘‘
  6. I think in the trailer they stated they "dont want any two people playing the same" so it should be a really intricate system.
  7. Imagine they made different professions like WoW and the Engineer for example can craft vehicles. 😲
  8. Liquid

    Summoner Hopes?

    I hope a lot of emphasis is put on the pet. Having played summoner in FFXIV (which is the worst btw), I really hope for an MMO where summoner is done right. Because, a summoner isn't a summoner if it's just a mage with a pet.
  9. You seem familiar...
  10. Just hoping the combat has nice, beefy sound effects to make it feel more impactful xD
  11. I miss that kind of community. Never had it since FFXI.
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