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  1. I would also like to get a refund, I know that no one looks at this forum but might as well post it.
  2. I dont think they monitor these forums there is a post some guy put up to advertise his reptile selling business last year and it has not been deleted. We are just yelling into the void here.
  3. The alpha did not come out in December so we have no idea.
  4. I'm still holding out hope for this game, however we are nearly three weeks into December and I can't imagine they will be launching anything over the Christmas period. Is there an announcement I have missed or is it radio silence all round?
  5. Well I guess this is confirmation they don't look at the forums....
  6. Count_Brownbear

    Mage Hopes?

    Would love a Storm Mage! List of spells would be cool to include: Lightening bolt - Your basic range damage spell Buffeting winds - Cone knock-back Mist form - Temporarily become mist avoid all damage and pass through enemies Call Lightening - Targeting lock on lightening bolt from the heavens (Like the ranger ability in the kick starter video) Defibrillation - Shocking the heart of a fallen ally to bring them back to life (Combat res) Discharge - A burst of static electricity is discharged from the Storm Mage doing damage and stunning all enemies around them. An Average British Day - Summon a cloud of miserable rain on an targeted area slowing all enemies in range. Chain lighting - A beam skill when landed on an enemy it will chain to other enemies in range. Tempest of the storm - Huge Storm is summoned doing aoe damage to all enemies in the targeted area Backing winds - The winds behind the mage pickup giving them and all allies heading in the same direction nearby a Speed buff Sudden mist - Summon mists in a big targeted area causing enemies to be highlighted if they are in it and shrouding allies. There are so many other spells you could throw in that are storm themed would be really cool to see a storm mage put together in this game!
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