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  1. Thank you for this @SunnlightBro, I wasn't receiving notifications of people replying here today, I will update my post more
  2. @Scythe When the game is in alpha state, it isually doesn't have all the animations correct yet or graphics of the models / environment, quests will be missing , only a low number of dungeons are available for testing, lots of things missing basically. When it's in a beta state, all of the previous mentioned things are usually done and in the game but they need to be tested and finetuned and some bugs will need fixing, but a beta usually indicates that the game isn't too far away from launch.
  3. Oh my god! So the new previews for a costume, weapons and pet are up and they look AMAZING! Which of the new previews stand out for you the most and why?
  4. Hey all πŸ˜„ I wanted to hear everyone's opinion about dungeons and loot distribution rules. If dungeons become available to us every x level until max level, should those just be the introduction dungeons and then at max level harder dungeons will unlock? Or should we revisit the old dungeons but in a harder difficulty? Or maybe a bit of both, unlocking additional dungeons after reaching max level but it's item level locked and therefor we need to run the old dungeons in a higher difficulty? Also how should the loot work? Do we like the classic approach of one item dropping per boss drops and everyone rolls for it? Or should we have a personal loot system where it's RNG whether you get an item or not, the chance then increased at the next boss when you didn't get loot at the previous boss. Or should it be an auction system where if an item drops, players can bid on it and the highest bidder will receive the item? Would love to hear your opinions!
  5. @TipsyGaymer Welcome bro. What other games have you pledged to in the past that didn't work out? ( Please don't say Bless Online because then I can totally relate with you lol ). Have fun on the forums and meeting new people!
  6. @Despaireaux DragonballZ or Dragonball GT if those count. Sword Art Online and Deathnote are also some of my favorites.
  7. @Amybug 15+ years?! A real veteran! Lol. Welcome to the community. It's funny to see either Everquest or World of Warcraft be the start for most people here. I hope we will cross paths in the future in Evervale! πŸ™‚
  8. @Yaz87 For a second I thought when you said ''Hardcore'' you were talking about dying = character gone lol. But yes I feel like most MMORPG's nowadays are too easy and the low level content is easily forgotten after you reach max level. I doubt servers like this would be good at the start, but maybe at some point they could be interesting.
  9. @Tazety I like this because it gives healer mains a choice to heal in a short range from the boss or long range. They could be considered melee healers in raids and focus on heavy AoE healing and shielding. I like the concept and this could be an amazing specialization / class.
  10. Love the mounts and costumes. I'm very excited to see the zones and the scenery.
  11. @Aiidoru Oof. Youre a tough one to keep huh? Nah I experienced the same, I always fall back to WoW but for some reason this game is different. Welcome and lets hope we both stay for a long time!
  12. I noticed you were rhymin’ during your arrivin’. Thought i’d reply to let you know I ain’t shy. Welcome to the community I hope you enjoy your stay, maybe during the alpha we can team up and play. Have a nice day☺️
  13. @King I like this concept. It makes the cosmetic piece also feel more special. Maybe do the same thing with pets where theres a storyline attached to it and you have to complete it? I don't see any problems with this considering as you said you can also just buy normal cosmetics that will appear instantly when you buy them. Great idea! 😍
  14. @Snow Hi Snow, are we related somehow? Anyway, welcome to the community and finally someone that plays League of Legends πŸ˜› If you ever wanna play hit me up. Is there a class that interests you already?
  15. Snowflakex


    @Jackroyal Saw it in a Q&A Stephen did with one of the founder members.
  16. Snowflakex


    Addons is usually a must in mmorpg's for a competitive group of players. Think about damage meters / debuff or buff trackers etc. I heard their engine allows for third party addon development though.
  17. @Bonebraker I mean, currently we're playing WoW and League of legends until Oath comes out.
  18. That's usually how it goes πŸ˜› Also @Miti welcome and I hope this will be your new game like many of us hope the same! It's funny how most people that played MMORPG's for atleast 10 years all come from the same background.
  19. Thank you πŸ™Š If you have any more questions you can always message me.
  20. If it gives bonusses, I don't think it should be combat stat bonusses since that will be either OP or not fair in the long run.
  21. Yeah, things happened and I did some more reading into everything. Some things weren't as I expected although no hard feelings to them or anyone related to the guild Imperium. Sorry for the confusion though! And thanks πŸ™‚
  22. Indeed! I like that too
  23. The leveling experience should be something you put a lot of effort in and shouldn't feel like a drag. You should have fun leveling up and doing dungeons as you level up higher. Most games have it so you are max level in a few hours, this is something I don't like. Group quests, group activities in general and world bosses / world events that a lot of people participate in at once is something that brings the whole server together. Dungeons and raids are also very important in a MMORPG imo. Challenging bosses with fun mechanics that also have a learning curve attached to them. They should work in a way that you have to prepare tactics and work together really well in order to defeat the bosses. Professions are also a very important aspect in a perfect MMORPG. They shouldn't feel useless. When you farm endlessly for those materials and finally craft your item, it should feel rewarding and special. Ocean activities are also something I'm looking forward to. If it's something similar to Sea of Thieves where you have several islands you can explore and fight rare mobs / find rare loot and maybe engage in pvp combat, that would be superb.
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