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  1. Its December any update on when the game is going to be out, or is it dead ?
  2. Albion online just because the content that is provided can be found for everyone, mainly pvp tho ^^ but the new POE league looks guud
  3. Always been a in your face dps/tank warrior in games but the summoner looks interesting will give that a shot
  4. Yea love the aspect were you have to grind soo much to the point to know that, wow that guy grinded soo much so he rekt me in a raid/pvp or when you inspect someones gear you would see there gear, damn that guy a boss. I just love when you spend time developing a character that you have to engage in not just alt back and forth, having a character that you spend ages on and the progression that you see when you invest your time is such a good feeling.
  5. Tbh, i really like mounts and the concept of them but I personally agree on the view of not adding flying mounts, it automates too many things; the scenery that the devs put effort in, meeting people. Don't get me started on PVP and flying mounts just mount up and bye, just makes me cry.
  6. Savager007

    Warrior Hopes

    I'm curious if there is going to be a paladin like sub-class if yes then ooo boi
  7. Soo many emotions, soo much hype, soo much wow
  8. Hey everyone just you typical competitive PVP player here, seen the game on kick-starter and though that the devs need the support to make it into a reality so i have gave them the help they needed. Games that I have played: League of legends, played the game since beta tests and stopped as it had a negative impact on me ^^ Tibia, played since it was one of my favorite PVP style games as it was super rewarding when you pk someone and the grind was very good as you can see your progress which was really something to look to POE (path of exile), played the game since beta really enjoyed the grind and the mechanic of the game. It also being a free2play is also amazing for what it has to offer. WOW, not much to say here played it for a bit didn't really like it as my friends rushed the game-play and just boosted me, played in the Pandora and stopped in Pandora Rust, just because I had a group of friends that love to PVP as well and it was a quick game that everyone enjoyed and yea nothing much here to say Rocket League, was bored and just wanted to give it a try, I'm a noob (plat), don't play anymore tho CS-go, who hasn't played, that all I'm gonna say battle-royal, almost all and just sick of them, that's all Terraria, love the game, every time there is a big update I'm on it Mmorpg played a ton of them an just didn't really find the one i was looking for here is just a small list from the top of my head; BDO, GW2, BnS, Tera, Warframe, Neverwinter, ArcheAge, Aion, Metin 2 I can keep going but whats the point it just says that I have played a lot and I'm hungry for more :D Currently just playing Albion online to kill time Also waiting for Ashes of Creation and Oath I'm just a solo player atm looking for a good game to play English primary language can also speak Polish but not too well Just wanna say thanks to TheLazyPeon 👍
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