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    Mage Hopes?

    Maybe you mix casting with some melee abilities so you have what I would call a battle mage. So stand still to cast your big damage from afar but move in to deal lighter melee damage. This melee could be either during movement phases or as a break from casting to help in some way or as an alternative way to regenerate manna or whatever power source mages will use. Weapons could be staff or sword/dagger/mace main with spell book type thing for off hand or wand main and sword/dagger/mace off hand. Visions of Gandalf in battle wielding a sword.
  2. Werric

    Witch Doctor

    I can see the text scrolling by now "Witch Doctor sacrifices a chicken" someone gets a big heal. "Witch Doctor cuddles voodoo doll" someone gets a small heal. "Witch Doctor throws chicken feathers into the air" someone gets a HoT. "Witch Doctor stabs voodoo doll" target takes damage (and perhaps someone healed for damage dealt) and many more I'm sure.
  3. Weapons to classes for me too and pleaaaaase not stat sticks. I can see a sword wielding mage but not one wielding a bow. I know this is very arch-typical but mages are seen as book worms and somewhat frail so probably without the strength required to draw a bow. Warriors are seen as big dumb meat shields who would look ridiculous with a flimsy skinny wand in their big hand. Rogues are sneaky little buggers who would look stupid wielding a 2H anything. If everyone can do everything you still end up with people playing the role/class they like the most. You want to experience all the game has to offer go alts. Skill trees for weapons I like. Nothing complicated but something that could add a little extra. If weapons have skill tress then if you pick up a mace after leveling a sword would you have to level up the mace from scratch? If so that would make me hang onto a crappy sword until I got a better one rather than taking that mace which is better but needs leveling up. Reminds me of early WoW and having to level your skill in each weapon type. While good in theory if you never got a decent XYZ until you were level 30 then you had to go to a lower level area to hit stuff to level up XYZ until it was usable for the content in your leveling zone.
  4. And failing a quest could be no fault of your own. Internet disconnects, cat jumps on keyboard, power failure, girlfriend or boyfriend gives you THAT look and so the list goes on. Maybe it's a quest to spice up an ability with a different animation or something similar. I lean towards progressing through a skill tree but one that offers several equally viable options at each level of progression. I would Like it to be one you can put some thought into what you choose and how you wish to play your class.
  5. I'm more for alts. I don't mind if you can swap your specialization for a cost at an NPC with a long cooldown (eg 1 real life week). I like the leveling experience and getting to know your character and class and to me starting from scratch is the best way to do that.
  6. Werric


    I don't believe stealth in and of itself is overpowered. It is seen that way imo because often the ability is most often paired with op abilities that take out half or more health (backstab) and stun lock your opponent. Make it a choice backstab or stun lock but either choice means you will need to be ready to be hit. So having said that I'm not a fan of mage like squishyness for rogues nor am I a fan of tank like health.
  7. Werric

    Warrior Hopes

    While I kind of like the stun knock back etc idea - why would you need a tank and especially an up close and personal one? Give a ranged class those abilities and they can run around a little till cooldowns are done. Every class needs some form of survival skill(s) and for a tank that is doing enough damage to make soloing in questland viable. Mages usually have some form of cc, ranger/hunter a pet that tanks, healers shields/bubbles and so it goes. Whatever way the devs go tanks for me need two things 1 several ways to get and hold aggro on both single and multiple mobs and 2 some halfway decent damage abilities. A good tank should hold aggro, shouldn't be out DPS'd by the healer but shouldn't out DPS the DPS. I actually think tanks need more than those two things to be viable but they are the most basic.
  8. Werric

    Grind for gear

    I don't mind a grind (sorry for that but not sorry enough to edit it๐Ÿ™„) but I have never liked the idea that the only way to get the best gear it to do the hardest endgame content around. For one reason or another not everyone can do that kind of content. In my opinion someone who has invested just as many hours grinding mats and crafting hundreds maybe thousands of items should be able to craft something competitive with that endgame content. If endgame content is the only way to get that gear then a small section of the player base will rush to endgame get the gear and then complain about being bored. For the vast majority of players who take their time explore, craft, learn their class and profession the rewards should be just a great if not greater. Why perhaps greater because I firmly believe the second group of players actually add so much more to the game than the first group. So for me grind for gear in one form or another is fine. Cosmetics to me are a bit meh. Not that I have never spiced up my look mind you โ˜บ๏ธ it's just not what drives me to play.
  9. Werric

    Warrior Hopes

    While I like the idea of a weapon talent tree it bothers me at the same time. Unless Oath works completely differently then weapon drops never seem to be balanced. If you main blunt weapons you could quite feasibly be stuck with a sub par weapon waiting for a better one to drop for several to many levels. Maybe you could choose your weapon specialty just like you choose your class and then with a skill tree your initial weapon levels with you. Drops or player crafted weapons should offer better/viable options to you but if you get stuck in a slump of not getting the drop then at least your base weapon is viable There are lots of issues with this that would need working out eg How to transfer skills to your new weapon? Balance Does this apply across the board to all classes? Is it even possible? How do I make my weapon stand out from the crowd? What if I decide to change weapon specialty or should I even have that option? I'm sure there are a lot more issues and although I kinda like this idea I tend to be more of a Warrior should be equally as good with a sword as a mace or any other weapon. I just feel that there should be a distinction between the various weapon types but nothing that makes one weapon type THE go to weapon. Edged definitely bleeds and blunts definitely stun/knockback. However get your nose broken by a hammer and you're going to bleed, get your forehead hit by the hilt of a sword and you're going to be stunned. Whatever the debuff it should be be bigger and more debilitating when inflicted by it's primary weapon.
  10. Just remember to keep your eyes out for those hoop snakes too.
  11. I'm a bit on the fence with super grindy. I like a grind but if it becomes a chore just to can get one piece of equipment then the game stops being fun. Games don't just have people playing that can spend tons of hours a week grinding they also have dedicated players who can only spend a few hours a week playing and would like to do more in game than just grind for those few hours. I agree it shouldn't be as easy as most MMOs are today but it shouldn't be impossible (or near impossible) for players who don't have 20+ hours a week to sink into the game either. As with everything in games it all comes down to a balance and that balance is for the devs to decide with (we hope) consideration of the views expressed on the forums.
  12. What I really don't want to see is every class being able to do every role in the game. If you go that route then just do away with classes as they are irrelevant. I really don't see the point in having healer as a class if a dps class can for example leech life and never need a heal. What's the point of a tank if the mage can pop a shield and spank a mob that in theory should one or two hit them? Give each class options but don't allow them to do everything. Tanks for me should be tanks and healers should be healers but both should have a way that ups their dps when soloing content. DPS should be DPS but they should have extras they bring to a fight cc/buffs/debuffs. I personally think if everyone can do everything in the game then the social aspect is DOA. Getting nostalgic here but who remembers the chat window in Vanilla WoW and the calls for a group to take on Hogger or looking for a group for XYZ? I tanked and healed back then and both were hard but people understood and mistakes, deaths and wipes were all just accepted. Later when everyone could do everything that understanding and social aspect disappeared which was a pity. I don't know how many characters you will be allowed to make but having alts is definitely one very good way to allow people to experience the classes without diluting the identity of those classes. I love mounts. When I stopped playing WoW I was just shy of the 250 mark but pets for me are a little meh and some are downright annoying. I don't necessarily want to see 50,000,000 different mounts and pets but I do think they add something to the game. Maybe a pet/mount customization screen is possible. I have no idea because a a coder I make a good ballerina.
  13. First up I would want crafting to mean something. I should be able to craft something that is competitive with drops you can get. Maybe not equal to boss drops from raids but competitive - say 10-15% down on quality stats or whatever. Not everyone can raid so give them an option to remain competitive but keep the lure of that really good stuff. Dungeons are a staple of leveling but raids should be available all the way up the leveling experience. Well ok maybe not for the first x levels but raids all the way up would be great. PvP can ruin the experience for casual or none PvP players. As dbrogue said in his post make ganking and griefing (gng) not worth it for players. Flagging yourself for PvP is one way but having a level cap difference between the combatants will help stop gng even when you are flagged. If you're going to initiate it then (pick a number of levels higher that is reasonable) you can't be - 5, 10 levels higher. If you're outside that range you can't initiate PvP. However if your lower level and want to try your luck on that toon over there who is 15 levels higher then go for it and good luck. PvPers should never be able to kill NPC quest givers. I like the story driven quests. I really despise the kill 20 mountain goats just because I want you to and then oh nice job here is 20 gold now go back and kill 20 mountain sheep. And please no get me 5 horns but you need to kill 500 whatevers to get those 5 horns. I like quests where you feel like what you are being asked to do is actually accomplishing something. Maybe also the original quest might require you to complete sub quests along the way. Not too many though because you run the risk of losing the thread of why you're doing them. I like the so called holy trinity of Tank, Healer and DPS and I like it when you have to choose to do one of the three. I am all for a skill system that offers actual choices in how you play within those classes rather than a cookie cutter system. DPS should not be out DPS'd by the tank no matter how good the tank is but conversely a tank should have the skill set needed to keep aggro/threat on one or several targets no matter the DPS. What really bugs me is making it too easy for people to switch between roles. How often have any of you been in a dungeon with a tank or healer that obviously has no idea what they are doing and at their level they really should? I should have written this first then cut and pasted it here. So many ideas run through my head while writing and then disappear again. So for now that's my 2 cents worth well ok maybe its $2 worth.
  14. Werric

    Rogue Hopes

    Whenever I play a rogue type class I always dual wield daggers. To me that is the quintessential rogue/thief/assassin. I never liked dual sword wielding for the class as to me it just didn't fit. I do however think that claw/fist type weapons can work, just need to figure out how, or if, they can do the signature backstab (if that is going to be a thing). I really don't want to see the ability to stun lock a target for an easy kill. Any stun skills should be on the same cd and the cd should be longer than the stun imo. I'm sounding like I want to nerf the class here but I just think it should be more about skill than just one shotting with a backstab from stealth or stun lock a target to death. Full disclosure here I don't main rogue type classes I play them as alt to get the different playstyle. As with any game it's all a matter of balance and that will take time.
  15. I've been reading the guild recruitment posts and thought I saw you being in Imperium. Now I see you posting for Oversight. Am I confused? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Do you have an evil twin sister? ๐Ÿ˜Š Whatever the guild certainly sounds like a well thought out guild.
  16. Werric

    Warrior Hopes

    I've always liked warrior classes and really enjoy playing them. I still prefer the warrior tank type to other warrior types. I just think they should always be sword and board where sword=one handed swords, maces/clubs and axes. It would be nice if each weapon type provided a slightly different play style. Maybe something edged give bleed damage and blunts stuns or knock backs with edged being slightly faster than blunt?
  17. Basically not playing mmo's atm. Playing a variety of games like POE, Fade to Silence, Green Hell and Risen. Oh I lied I am also dabbling in Guardians of Ember which is some kind of mmo.
  18. Werric

    Priest Hopes?

    I like the idea of being able to heal through doing damage as an option. I can remember a dps in WoW wanting to kick my disc priest because I was dealing damage and not healing. Funny how no one had died though. As a healer I like to have a full bag of tricks and pick the ones that suit my play style best.
  19. Werric

    Warrior Hopes

    I assume Warrior = Tank. I would hope to see some active skills to mitigate damage and build aggro/threat or whatever it will be called. AoE skills too that help with keeping groups of mobs focused on you. For all classes I hope for a good choice of skills.
  20. Tank for me followed by a healer. I don't mind helping to figure out tanking in a new game and I'm actually looking forward to it. If the healer dies it's the tank's fault If the tank dies it's the healer's fault. If DPS die it's their own fault.
  21. I'm looking forward to finding a good guild, figuring out how stuff works and having fun. Got my fingers crossed for a good community and not a toxic one.
  22. G'day from me. Aussie here now living in the USA and loving it. Well not as much as home but that's only to be expected. Gaming wise I've been playing since Space Invaders and my first computer was a C64 with a cassette drive. I'm sure you can google cassette player/drive and see one โ˜บ๏ธ I'm an old gamer who still loves to game and after reading some of your posts realise I've been gaming longer than some have been alive. I've played all sorts of games from MUDs to MMORPGs and lots in between. Let's see WoW, GW, GW2, Terra, Rift, ESO, FFXIV and I'm sure I missed one or several. I am somewhat of a masochist I guess when it comes to games as I like to tank and I also like to heal. So I guess those are the two class types I'll look at first. I used to PvP but now only if I have to. I just got over it and enjoy the PvE side more. Can't remember how I found Oath exactly but it was probably during my many recent attempts to find an MMO to capture me again. Something about Oath got me very interested and so I pledged over at kickstarter and I am really looking forward to the journey ahead. Figuring out how to tank or heal will be fun I'm sure but it will be great to be in on the ground floor working with others and figuring out what went wrong. Fell free to hit me up on discord if you want. I have it on just about all the time and I'm Werric in there.
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