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  1. No, it doesn't. To play from December you will need the 500€ pack (or any pack with 'Alpha 1 Access' written on it).
  2. Making a tank go outside of its role is not a good idea, but there's nothing stopping the devs from making the tank's role of a tank interesting to play. A variety of buffs, skills and such will allow the gameplay to be fun even if it is fairly limited. Perhaps give the tanks a different area of effectiveness than damage - for example, why not instead give the tank CC? Different games handle things differently. In games like GW2, many of the classes have a wide variety of play styles (although some with more of a focus on a couple of specific mechanics such as conditions for the Necromancer) and so therefore can do well in many different areas as long you build for it (tank, dps, cc, heal, etc.) - at least in the standard open world and casual PvP. I don't really see this as the way Oath is going, though, as they seem to be focused on the holy trinity and giving classes a bit more of a role (no gameplay yet so we'll never know until we get to try it ourselves, though). The gameplay we've seen also appears to be a bit more active than the average MMO, which is why I think making the tank part of the tank class interesting to play in itself is a good idea.
  3. Many of these things are just givens, I think. You should be able to trade anything as long as it could be used by another player and isn't exclusive to you. Class-restrictions are pointless, and level-restrictions are kind of pointless too (although that might be an interesting way of doing things, it would just suck from a quality-of-life perspective since you wouldn't be able to give your buddies higher level items or prepare for getting to that next level or whatever). I don't see Oath Token trading happening, it's a standard premium currency as far as I can tell. It could potentially have its uses in the economy (think Warframe) but I still think it should be focused as much on the earn-able currency as possible. In my experience, trading via plat in Warframe is really annoying because it means the currency becomes a target for illicit buying/selling/exploiting 😎😎😎 If the devs want the premium currency to be earnable somehow, I don't think it should come from or be possible by trading for that reason, and instead should be completely controlled by them. Depends on where the devs want to go with direction of the game. "Realistic" or convenient. I'd be fine with in-person trading only since it would make things feel a little more grounded, at least as long as it's not a pain to get to them. Might be a good measure for security purposes so you don't get scammed 😈 by some rando you don't trust, although most players would bypass this by just saying 'add me' and it's still a pretty weak layer of security anyway. Don't see much of a point limiting it and clogging up people's friend lists with one-off trades.
  4. Yup, just add some scaling based on number of players engaged with the boss. Potentially guilds and large groups of players could do instanced boss 'hunts', similar to Dauntless but with more people. This would get them out of the way of the randoms - although it would split the playerbase, which wouldn't be a good idea if the game doesn't have a lot of players. Also might be a good idea to have a flat level of rewards so that all players who participate get stuff, like in GW2. I don't think it's a bad system. That is, if you don't want reward to be based on performance. Depends on how you want to approach it.
  5. I think it would be okay if each skill was worth working for and if the process of unlocking them was enjoyable. It's really just another way of leveling up, except instead of '1 skill every 5 levels' it's '1 skill if you do this (which might take 5 levels' worth of effort)'.
  6. Project Gorgon did this and its pretty cool. Like others have mentioned, though, the main downsides is that it means there are lots of skills that take forever to unlock (in some high level map elsewhere, or have dependencies on other skills). But the game is enjoyable enough for me that this downside isn't too bad, and unlocking new skills becomes part of the game's experience instead of just something that gets unlocked to the player instantly. A short anecdote: So Project Gorgon has a Necromancy skill that I wanted ever since I first began playing the game. To unlock it, you must defeat a boss in the game's first main dungeon, however unless you're really powerful this usually requires multiple people. I had trouble finding a group due to the small playerbase of the game, but eventually I teamed up with 2 other people when farming in this dungeon and we went on an adventure into the tougher areas of it. We had a good time defeating the bosses and getting EXP, and then we reached the final boss, defeated him, and went into the back room to the altar that gives you Necromancy and unlocked it. The experience of getting the Necromancy skill was fun, something I'd happily do again, which wouldn't have happened if I was just given it out of the blue. It also helps build community when the challenges required to complete certain things (such as unlock skills) require multiple people to complete. I'd be totally down to have things be unlocked this way, however I would think the devs are probably too far in with the current game design (whatever that is) to implement this new one. I'm sure they could still apply these principles elsewhere, they just wouldn't be as effective.
  7. Personally I'm not much into mounts or flying. I'd rather the game be well designed for normal ground traffic than poorly designed for everything 😉
  8. First alpha will be December 2019. Not sure about the betas, presumably they will be early or mid 2019 🙂 Note that the alpha and beta will only be accessible by backers (see the store page for which backing level you need to access each alpha and beta).
  9. I like that idea a lot, we don't really see that in games. Its a natural way to balance a summoner class, and opens the way for players to summon as many pets as they want. The main issue where having a summoner class balanced this way would be in PvP, though, as players would just focus the summoner instead of the pets (and kill them quite easily due to the pets' stat drain). This is where the idea of micromanaging the summoner would be helpful, as the player could use CC or high damage abilities through their pets, forcing the other players to pay attention to them instead of the summoner. This means making the pets quite strong.. but that should be the point since its a summoner class, and will also be balanced with the stat drain on the summoner character. Unfortunately, if micromanaging was the play-style, playing a laid-back summoner in PvP would be impossible. Perhaps give it a tankier low-damage skill track (as opposed to a glass cannon track which is what is being discussed above)? The best route for this class is probably going to be giving them lots of different options. Tank, glass cannon, support etc. should all be possible builds.
  10. I have so many songs I enjoy (of many different genres) that it's hard to choose 😉 Here's a great anime OP: A trance classic: And finally, a cool remix I found on Soundcloud:
  11. I've always been a fan of freedom, I must admit that in the past I have not been very good at enjoying one thing for long periods of time. But recently, when designing games and also just learning more about enjoying games, I have learnt the positives of locking people into a class they choose. It's good to have a clear purpose, and to really focus on one thing and get good at it. I'm okay with Oath's class system. The classes seem to be unique enough, and they actually have purpose. I (and many others) have quite a strong desire to create things and be unique, but usually MMOs let you channel this into which skills, armor and character appearance options you choose, so that's okay for the most part. Would love to be able to customise how my class actually *functions*, in terms of abilities and elements and stuff, but that's quite a big goal and would probably need to have the entire game based around that one feature. (Random idea, but, what about a classless game where you define your character based on different skills or something, then cannot change those at all in the future? Best of both worlds? But that's besides the point in the context of Oath I think.)
  12. Perhaps take inspiration from what PoE does and have dungeons such as these be updated with new mechanics every so often? Each one would be more likely to have some balance issues that players can exploit, however since it changes every so often it doesn't become stagnant. Sounds like a big workload, but if devs tie this in with the game's core development cycle then it should work okay. However, it would mean the game would need to have a higher frequency of content updates than normal. I like the idea of the PvP being outside of the actual dungeons (e.g. competing for highest number of kills of the dungeon boss or resources or whatever), as having PvP within the dungeons would be quite chaotic.
  13. Sounds quite interesting, although I reckon it's definitely way too hardcore, even for hardcore players. I think if mechanics such as level loss are implemented, then balancing in the opposite direction should also happen (i.e. you level up slightly faster than most other MMORPGs) if you want the game to be enjoyable for most people (remember: MMORPGs can't afford to be too niche). PvP would definitely be a big killer for a feature something like this, but for PvE I think your idea *could* work decently if the game's combat was solid enough that you don't just die out of nowhere (like you might in games like WoW). Some sort of 'downed' state where you can be revived by allies would also be a good option to tone down the severity of reaching zero HP a little bit (as that will likely happen fairly often, careful or not). As an inverted suggestion, why not turn levels themselves into currency? You lose levels on death, but you can also 'spend' them to unlock skills and such, and they are gained quite quickly. It's quite an interesting spin on the RPG format, but still retains that death penalty feeling without being too hardcore.
  14. I have always played lots of different games. Right now I'm playing the Witcher 3, with many other games on the side (Deep Rock Galactic, Project Gorgon, Distance, Divinity Original Sin EE, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Ashes of the Singularity, Rocket League). In terms of MMOs, I was playing GW2 but I just stopped playing at some point. I am also waiting to give WOW Classic a go, although I expect I probably won't get into it. As well as play games, I'm also working on my own. My current project is a small point-and-click-style puzzle game, mainly to build experience and actually finish something for once 😉
  15. Maybe instead lock off the boss fight zone when it begins or reaches a certain milestone (e.g. halfway through). This could also be used as a mechanic to increase difficulty or risk because you can't just run away if you're losing the boss fight. But my main issue of course is that it is essentially just disabling PvP. I think if this game is gonna be based around PvP then it should reflect that in everything. So if we're not mechanically removing the option of PvP, then what? I like your idea of people leaving members outside, but what if you don't have spare members? And what about methods for stopping high level players from wrecking noobs? My answer to the latter might be to scale levels in dungeons (good example of this is GW2, which scales level downwards in all maps if I remember corrrectly). Not really sure about the first one, though - maybe some advanced system to scale certain stats based on relative party composition (e.g. solo player with buffed damage and hp vs party of four players trying to gank)?
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