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  1. Welcome! I think a drow-like race would be great. I would also love to see an aquatic race make it in the game. Would make sense too since there is the whole ocean exploration thingy
  2. I’m really excited to see this game blossom into something great :). I love the fact the devs seem to be inspired by games like Archage and want to develop something new while taking exciting systems and just making it better. Archage was fun for what it was but man it had so many flaws... Anyhoo, when it comes to MMOs or RPGs I always go for the monk/martial artist archetype if it’s available. It has always been my favorite. The whole concept of “I don’t need a weapon because I AM a weapon” has always resonated with me. Also love the real world philosophical aspects of the class that typically is associated with them. Really hoping for a combo based class like that makes it way into Oath eventually (if it does I will lose me marbles). I cant wait to see more updates and to eventually play with all of you! Cheers!
  3. Hi all, Just thought I’d put my two cents in regarding some of my hopes for the class system. I think it would be great if Ready-Up would implement class interdependency by making each class unique to the point where they each have their own schtick. I’m personally hoping for a trinity or, even better, a “quadinity”. That is to say that there would be four different main roles: Tank, DPS, Support, and Crowd Control. Now I know this isn’t an old school style MMO but I feel like this is one system that works and should be looked into. It would make all of the classes feel wanted/needed as each one would bring something different to the table. Even classes that share a main category would feel different from each other. I definitely don’t want the whole “every class can do everything essentially” as that would make my character not stand out at all or feel unique in any way. Supports should be the only ones healing. Tanks should be the only ones tanking, etc. Now obviously there would be some exceptions to that. Maybe a DPS class has minimal healing capabilities (like self healing) or can off-tank somewhat but I think you get the point. What do you guys think?
  4. I wasnt referring to anything lol but yes, the D3 monk is a great example of how awesome the class is/can be. The monk has been a fantasy archetype for a long time and I think they deserve more attention.
  5. I feel like you are going for more of a brawler/pugilist class. The monk could give you that same feeling although typically they don't have huge gauntlets. I feel like certain Eastern MMOs could scratch that itch for you like Tera Online, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, or the upcoming Lost Ark.
  6. Yes, a monk would be perfect :). Fist weapons like knuckle dusters or just wraps would be great. This is what Pantheon Rise of the Fallen are doing with their monk class and I love it. Plus this class would work so well with the combat system. Their role could just be melee DPS with high mobility and good utility skills.
  7. How about a monk class? Its my favorite archetype and honestly is probably one of the most underrated ones. I think having a martial artist type character in this game would be a ton of fun since the combat is action. Are the classes set in stone or do they plan to add more in the future?
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